Yaraka offers a genuine welcome to visitors

Yaraka is a small town with a population of 12 - visitors are very welcome

Yaraka is a small town with a population of 12 – visitors are very welcome

Have you ever entered an outback pub and felt like you shouldn’t be there or just not been welcome? This was not the case at a small outback pub at Yaraka that has a unique brand of customer service.

Yaraka Hotel – Photo by spelio on Flickr

The owners welcome all visitors at the door or at the bar with the greeting, “Welcome to Yaraka”.

This is then followed up with offering free tea and coffee and memorising all guests names. The guests are then introduced to each other by the hosts.

Whilst this model is not new in B&B and resort type places it was certainly new for an outback pub.

The results were palpable. Visitors immediately relaxed and let down their guard. Open conversations were held in the bar or in the lounge between all guests both travellers and locals.

The experience for all was overwhelmingly positive and visitors often stayed longer than they had planned to.

Yaraka in outback Queensland

What is it about the human psyche that changes our approach to other human beings with a simple smile or a friendly welcome? Why don’t all small businesses try this model?

The answer, I believe, is it requires tremendous effort on the part of the hosts. It is easier to keep our defences up and wander through the world in our comfort zones that to venture out and interact with strangers.

But interact we must if we are to get the rewards and wisdom that comes from understanding and sharing other peoples thoughts and journey. Do you know who lives beside you? Do you know the person in the shop that you go into weekly?

After seeing and experiencing the warmth at this outback pub for three months I can recommend making the effort to interact. It is great for the human condition.

Brad and Narelle Scott

Brad Scott
Situation Tolerable

Brad Scott is a Redlander currently travelling at a leisurely pace around Australia with his wife Narelle in a caravan they’ve named “Situation Tolerable”.

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In 2016 Brad was The Greens candidate for the Federal seat of Bowman.


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  1. Interesting comment on inland towns. The inland loops between Longreach and Birdsville, have towns like Bedourie , Boulia ,Winton and others which are doing great and diverse tourism , but potentially close down between November and March because of the heat ,drought and occasional flooding. Much more could be undertaken with the cultural heritage if some other sites on waterholes and channel country, in the desert and desert stone structures and stone arrangements could be assessed , permissions granted and mutual agreements reached . This does not do it justice. The indigenous histories are unfortunate and terrible , but should be disclosed in order to disseminate other fractions of the cultures including stories , occupation sites , networks and the trade routes across Australia .

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