Which issues will influence Redlands voters at the 2 July Federal election?

What's easier - choosing a pizza or deciding on the big issues for the Federal election?

What’s easier – choosing a pizza topping or picking the big issues for the Federal election?

There’s going to be lots of Federal election campaigning over the next few weeks.

The major parties will be discussing the issues that they think are important.

The Guardian has identified 10 big issues. About 20 issues have been identified and ranked by Vote Compass.

But what are important issues for Redlands voters in the Federal electorate of Bowman?

Have your say by completing the Redlands2030 Key Issues Survey.

We’ve put together a ‘pizza menu’ of issues. All you have to do is pick those which will most influence your voting decision. You can choose up to five.

Redlands2030 Key Issues Survey

Which of these issues will most influence your vote at the 2 July Federal election? Pick up to five.


If you think an important issue has been overlooked, tell us about it. Either make a comment to this post or send a letter to thereporter@redlands2030.net

This is an “opt in poll” which will reflect the views of people who choose to respond but may not accurately reflect the overall views of Redlands voters.

Redlands2030 – 17 May 2016

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6 thoughts on “Which issues will influence Redlands voters at the 2 July Federal election?

  1. The Redland City Council and the federal member have been asked if there are any applications to build a mosque in the Redlands. The question was asked repeatedly by a friend. Can RCC and/or Andrew Laming please respond.

  2. If Redlands is to be ore than a satellite of Brisbane we will need real high speed internet…both up loads and downloads. Australia is falling behind countries we once thought 2nd rate.

    It needs to be sorted and done fast and in a bipartisan manner.

    The rail duplication (questionable as it is) and the cross over tunnel can wait. So can the $100m loan by Redland City council to the State to pay roads for developers to use!

    Get the NBN right …now!

  3. As the Redlands grows at an alarming rate a key problem keeps on being overlooked – public transport. It is ridiculous that the train line to Cleveland is still a single line and that the commute to Brisbane city takes one hour. Also the cost of $12 per day is ridiculous. With no busway and an archaic train line, this is why the majority of Redlanders chose to commute by car If only we had a mayor like Ipswich who has the foresight to see the problems and fight to fix them!!! If we had a busway and express trains our commute could be halved!

  4. Sorry editors, But deciding on the top 5 is a bit like asking me which of my children would I save in a fire.
    Frankly I’d go down in flames trying to save them all.
    Likewise I won’t be deciding who I will vote for based on just 5 issues I want to see a candidate that both represents the interests of All the voters of Bowman first not his/her party , his or her overblown ego/ambition. Or their peculiar obsolete myopic political/religious philosophy. And finally they are competent to make real objective informed factual decisions in the interests of all the voters of Bowman.
    e.g. when it comes to human rights (and most of the items listed issues fall into that category) to me top ANY of the above party interests, decrepit economic philosophy, personal religious or belief structure.
    Sadly so far I’m not impressed with ANY of the offerings.
    I note Andrew’s history and stated position in that to him human right are a poor second to Party dogma.
    And yes Andrew, My involvement , education and experience in public interest/service has been way longer than your on ‘ resume’ enhancing stints. So do I know better? only this. The more I know , the more I know that I don’t know and need to know.

  5. Hi R2030 team

    Thank you for the survey. The only other issues I would consider important are:

    1. Payments to non serving politicians
    2. Selling off Australian assets, farms, culture etc – issues with things like literature,

  6. I think the fact we are getting the NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme so late is one of the biggest deals, both Locally and Federally. Lamming blames Labor and takes no onus on the unfair funding models given due to Queensland having a Labor State government. The truth is Redlands’ will wait until late 2018 to mid 2019 to begin roll-out, how long will some wait? People like my son here in Redlands’ and greater Brisbane who’s ASD funding ceases at 7 will have no help for 2 to 4 years(as current models must cure autism by this age?), whilst most of the nation will by next year have the NDIS and full support for people in need. Do we not pay the same tax levels nation over? and why are we being penalised for living in a high cost metropolitan area? Shouldn’t support near and in the States capital be higher, not lower? WHY SHOULD WE HAVE TO MOVE TO THE COUNTRY ( Ipswich?)TO GET SUPPORT? I thought the norm was the opposite!

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