Dealing with violence in the Redlands


Redland City councillors will discuss domestic violence at their next meeting on Wednesday 23 August

Redland City Councillors will consider asking the Local Government Association of Queensland to provide leadership in preventing domestic and family violence in various ways including:

  • influencing social norms for more equal relationships between men and women and
  • championing ‘whole of community’ approaches to raising awareness and responding to opportunities to promote respectful relationships
Don Brown spoke about domestic violence in Parliament on 10 August 2017

Don Brown MP

In State Parliament recently Capalaba MP Don Brown spoke about unacceptability of domestic violence, acknowledging the leadership of Mayor Karen Williams.

He also raised concerns about the attitude and conduct of local councillor Paul Gleeson who has criticsed the local domestic violence support service WAVSS saying:

WAVSS is not a ‘domestic violence ’ service. They only cater for women and turn men away. They intentionally tear families apart using lies to justify their government funding. They are a disgrace.

Social media posts by Cr Gleeson tabled in parliament include referring to his former wife as an “incubator” and a meme stating:

This was a terrible day. First, my ex got hit by a bus. Then, I lost my job as a bus driver.

“under investigation for threatening violence”

Mr Brown noted that Cr Gleeson “has a track record of online cyberbullying and is currently under investigation for threatening violence when he went to a constituent’s house.”

It seems Cr Gleeson was angered that some of his misogynistic public posts on social media had been been aired by Mr Dan Ling.

Cr Gleeson went uninvited to the home of Mr Ling, demanded that he come outside, called him a  “f**king smartarse” and a ‘c**t” and threatened to punch him in the head.

Cr Gleeson said he went to Mr Ling’s home when he did not answer his phone, left when asked and had done nothing wrong.

In response to Mr Browns comments in parliament, Cr Gleeson said: “This is a load of crap. There are legal issues happening.”

Cr Paul Gleeson’s inappropriate conduct was the subject of a Redlands2030 report.

Previous instances of inappropriate conduct by Cr Gleeson were the subject of a report by Redlands2030 in April 2017.

Since then, further complaints about Cr Gleeson’s conduct have been lodged with the Council CEO.

The official Council response to at least one complaint suggests councillors’ conduct does not include things councillors say on their ‘private’ facebook page. A truly ridiculous notion which won’t fly at any level of politics in Australia or elsewhere.

Community concerns about the conduct of Cr Gleeson reflect poorly on the leadership of Redland City Mayor Karen Williams.

She has so far proved incapable of dealing with the behavioural problems of a councillor who is a member of her team and was reelected to office on her how to vote card.

Other business at the 23 August meeting

Other matters to be discussed on Wednesday include:

  • Exempting two residential development from the requirement to obtain development approvals:
    • 70-92 Muller street in Redland Bay (Item 11.2.3)
    • 100-102 Kinross Road Thornlands (Item 11.2.4)
  • A corporate policy on inclusion of capital infrastructure projects in the Community Infrastructure Program (CIP) (Item 11.3.2).
  • Adoption of the carryover budget which deals with items to be carried over financial years from 2016‐17 to 2017‐18

Here is a link to the 23 August meeting agenda.

Previous meeting – 9 August 2017

Very little was discussed at the Council’s previous meeting on 9 August which lasted for just 25 minutes. Here is a link to a video recording of the meeting.

The meeting minutes appear to have temporarily disappeared from the Council’s website, but when they return, they can be downloaded from this webpage.

Redlands2030 – 20 August 2017

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3 thoughts on “Dealing with violence in the Redlands

  1. these elected Councillors get paid full time salaries yet they turn out for 25 minutes meetings.

    Cant they see there is a problem….dont they feel a little bit embarrassed …even a little guilty? Seems not but the trend to shorter and shorter nonsensical meetings continues.

    Old hands reckon the actual publicly scrutinised meetings have dropped to 20% what it was before the first Williams Council and is still in decline.

    The General meetings are a sham….decisions are already locked in through so-called workshops.

    They should all resign!!!

  2. I hope they take into account the vile trolling of Cr Paul Gleeson (Councillor Div 9 – Redlands)by the very close friend and attack troll of the excouncilors / northern alliance of current councilors and those of the voting block that has caused these personal attacks on those whose seats they wish to control . Then maybe we could clean up those that use social media as their base for power , innuendo , character assignations and ??? agendas like development and social engineering

  3. I note that Capalaba MP Don Brown is looking into Domestic Violence. If Don or any of his fellow MP’s read these comments please look into your government’s decision to place drug offenders and break and enter criminals into Nazarene Theological College in Thornlands and then reclassify them as students so long as they attend a 1-hour session each day. Many residents in that area are reporting break and enters while some have had cars stolen. Police have reported that they cannot keep up with the levels of petty crime.

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