Underwood concedes mayoral contest to Williams while Council makeup becomes clearer

046 Karen williams and Paul Gleeson election signs Capalaba 15 March 2016 comp doc

Greg Underwood concedes to Karen Williams and after some confusion Paul Gleeson is leading in Division 9

This evening Greg Underwood congratulated Cr. Williams on her election as Redland City Mayor. He also thanked the community for their work and support over the last few months, saying:

I believe the community is sending a clear message that it wants more independent councillors and a more united Council.

I am very proud of the clean campaign we ran and am thankful to the team of volunteers right across the city, who gave so freely of their time and skills. We always knew it was going to be a David and Goliath battle. Cr. Williams and her team had an apparently unlimited source of funds for a saturation advertising campaign. It was my decision to self-fund to avoid any conflict of interest.

The ‘stand out’ for me in this election has been the enormous strength and engagement of ordinary residents across the city. They demand better consultation, outcomes and transparency from their Council. They will be watching this administration very closely and reminding them at every opportunity of their pledges.

This year will be critical for the Redlands because the 2015 draft City Plan must be passed. It sets the scene for the next 25 years. If approved in its present form, the continued densification will spell the end of much of the Redlands’ character and liveability. I am hopeful the new Council will take note of the 6,400 submissions received against it and ensure changes are made to protect our special part of the world for future generations.

Karen Williams is leading Greg Underwood 56.8% to 43.2% in the mayoral vote count with about 55% of the vote counted.

Here is a link to Redlands mayoral results on the ECQ website.

Paul Gleeson leads in Division 9

Vote counting posted on the ECQ website today shows that Paul Gleeson has retained Division 9 which is based around Capalaba.  With 54% of the vote counted Paul Gleeson has 59.84% of the vote, well ahead of Jesse McNamara on 40.16%.

Division 8 too close to call

In Division 8 the number of votes counted almost doubled today, from 24% to 47%. Incumbent Alan Beard is currently leading Tracey Huges by 42 votes with the winner to be determined on distribution of preferences from the third candidate Kathy Reimers.

  • Alan Beard (incumbent) 42.55%
  • Tracey Huges 41.64%
  • Kathy Reimers 15.81%

Division 2 and 3 will require preference distributions

In Division 2 with 76% counted, Peter Mitchell is well placed to win after preferences are distributed:

  • Peter Mitchell 46.16%
  • Craig Ogilvie (incumbent) 32.44%
  • Tom Taranto 21.40%

In Division 3 with 47% counted, Paul Golle is expected to win after preferences are distributed:

  • Paul Golle 47.05%
  • Penny Donald 30.06%
  • Karyn Owen 12.99%
  • Troy Robbins 9.89%

With the new numbers for division 9, there are now seven incumbents likely to be returned with comfortable majorities: Boglary, Hewlett, Edwards, Talty, Elliott, Gleeson and Bishop. Incumbents are at risk of losing in Division 2 (Ogilvie) and Division 8 (Beard).

Kim-Maree Hardman, who did not stand for reelection, will be replaced by Paul Golle.

Vote counted
Leading candidate’s
vote %
Division 1 58 Boglary 61.88
Division 2 76 Undecided On preferences
Division 3 47 Golle On preferences
Division 4 48 Hewlett 65.66
Division 5 50 Edwards 72.45
Division 6 42 Talty 56.09
Division 7 49 Elliott 53.76
Division 8 47 Undecided On preferences
Division 9 54 Gleeson 59.84
Division 10 54 Bishop 72.36

Click on division number hyperlinks in the above table to get latest available results from ECQ.

Here is a link to the index for Redlands councillor results on the ECQ website.


Redlands2030 – 21 March 2016

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5 thoughts on “Underwood concedes mayoral contest to Williams while Council makeup becomes clearer

  1. well the white anting of this and other CARP/old council so called community pages didn’t pay off …..may be the city started to realise what was going on just in time and the nasty innuendos of those promoting this agenda was seen for what it is …..congratulations to those that got back in and in the words of Abraham Lincon ,”you can only fool some of the people some of the time “.So please stop interfering and stifling council and allow the city , it’s councilors and it’s council to move in the direction the people want ….this surly must tell you that the city wants good governance and growth instead of restriction and high rates

  2. Does anybody else find it odd that the ballot papers were marked with (so easily erased) soft pencil? I can easily see some true believers furiously, and carefully, rubbing out those misplaced ticks and crosses and putting them where they rightfully belong.

    Or could that kind of thing never happen in our town?

    • Jon,
      You obviously don’t understand that all candidates have scrutineers at the counting process on the night of the elections and that just cannot happen

      • So why is it pencil and not pen?

        At the last state election didn’t some bags go missing for a while?

  3. Hard to believe Cr Gleeson in Div 9 has retained his seat considering he does not return calls from residents, squandered tens of thousands of dollars on so-called beautification projects such as the tall spindly pines cnr Redland Bay/Mt Cotton Rds intersection, plus wanting to sell neighbourhood parks & Reserve, Keith St Reserve, that I personally was involved in establishing with residents on Denison Crt led by Margaret Harvey, at which time the environmental levy was set up under first mayor Eddie Santagiuliana’s administration. Cr Gleeson on being elected to represent Capalaba residents in 2012, decreased the levy in the first two budgets. He had an inappropriate fence erected to replace original one forcing locals to travel to greener safer areas to run and walk their dogs at Capalaba Central creek bank. Find it hard to believe this environmental vandal has kept his seat. Reminds me of the time corruption forced AWU’s ex-MP for Capalaba, Jim Elder being ousted from Labor Party for vote rorting. Qld Electoral Comm should end entry into nursing homes as on visiting friend in CapellaBay Aged Care Home, asked friend Heather who did she voted for. Reply was “don’t have a clue”. Cr Gleeson does not hold meetings with constituents so am at a loss to see how he could possibly retain his seat. A sad day for Redlands in my view.

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