Troy Robbins sings “Ramsar Sell-out”

Troy Robbins

Troy Robbins

Local artist and environmental defender Troy Robbins wrote this song in response to proposals for a massive residential development at Toondah Harbour.

The first performance of this song was before 250 people gathered at the Welcome Back Shorebirds event on 9th December 2017.

Poignant poetry, emotions and more…

Ramsar Sell-out – by Troy Robbins


Eastern curlew at Oyster Point near Toondah Harbour

I hear the forlorn Eastern Curlew baying

As the mangrove blossom from Cassim scents the air

For me hope springs eternal

From the dreamtime through Toondah’s plight

Grey tailed Tatler’s ascend in flight


Views across the Bay from G.J. Walter Park

RAMSAR sell out, the rooftop penthouse

With views across the Bay

Define the line between cash and crimes….

Against Mother Nature – Today!


Pied oystercatcher on Cleveland foreshore rocks

Cumulus storm cells wild and foreboding

Pyrotechnics rouse the Bar-tailed Godwit’s flock

The avarious schemers ensconced in boardrooms

Leave Oystercatchers on the rocks

And “Green believers” taking stock

Repeat Chorus

Royal spoonbill feeding on the Toondal tidal flats

Sun drenched light rays caress the spoil grounds

As Herons, Spoonbills and Egrets greet the day

Commerce cowboys and suitors from the shadows

Plot to trade their feeding grounds away

Repeat Chorus

Osprey viewed from G.J. Walter Park

Politicians peruse five star menus

The economic rationalists, they feast away

On principles, ethics and moral standpoints

As Ospreys circle their unwitting prey

Repeat Chorus

Brahminy kite over Toondah Harbour

Bramaniy Kites ride the temperate thermals

Will their habitat be entombed under dredging spoil?

White-breasted Sea-eagles soar above casuarinas

While Nandeebi’s ancient gums stand sentinel

To the ecological Apocalypse on the shoreline

Will our community stand undivided?

And oppose this corporate nightmare

Repeat Chorus

Toondah Mangroves in the Moreton Bay Ramsar Site

I heard the forlorn Curlew crying

Endangered by vested interest who serve?

Toondah’s pristine riparian wonders

Should remain an untouched treasure for this world

Repeat Chorus


Lyrics by Troy Robins

Photos by Chris Walker

Published by Redlands2030 – 18 December 2017

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4 thoughts on “Troy Robbins sings “Ramsar Sell-out”

  1. For those of you in local government who think that the hundreds of residents who oppose the commercial development at Toondah Harbour are just a bunch of greenies, please think again. We are not against sustainable development where there is a balance between lifestyle, environment and increasing population but where commercial development destroys a wetland ecosystem in an area where infrastructure is already lacking we need clear heads and people who are working to enhance the lifestyle in the Redlands, not the opposite. Commercial development has its place but it does not over-ride our lifestyle and our wildlife.

  2. I certainly hope that hope will continue to spring eternal and RAMSAR is not sold out. It’s sad that some people don’t realise that if the environment is ruined they will be too ill to spend their money!

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