Treetop training centre planned for Victoria Point

Site of proposed works source BAAM

Site of proposed adventure centre and car park –  from report by BAAM

Victoria Point could have an adventure training centre if Redland City Council approves a development application lodged recently.

Tree Top activity at Mt Tambourine Source

Tree Top activity at Mt Tamborine Photo Source

The developer is Tree Top Challenge Southside P/L who already operate similar facilities at Mt Tamborine and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.

The adventure centre is to be developed on land adjoining Eprepah Creek. This land is owned by the Scouts Association who support the application according to a Bulletin Report.

The Planning Report, submitted on behalf of the developer, says:

The development promotes tourism activities to the site, as well as providing opportunities for recreational pursuits that have a direct connection with the environmental values. The development looks at gaining tourist activity from the greater South East Queensland Region, not just the local surrounding area.

Proposed car park layout

Proposed car park layout

The activity caters for up to a maximum of up to 100 patrons on site at any one time (special group bookings e.g. schools or corporate). On average there would be expected to be between 35-50 patrons on site at any one time.

The developer estimates that 80% of traffic movement will fall upon weekends, school and public holidays, with operations taking place between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekends and 10:00 to 5:00 on weekdays.

About four hectares could be impacted by the proposed development. Existing trees in the conservation area would be used for nature based training involving a series of physical challenges involving high ropes, flying foxes, Tarzan swings, nets and monkey bridges.

The proposal includes development of an office/kiosk building and a 50 bay car park.

Environmental issues

The development application includes a Terrestrial Ecological Assessment report by BAAM.

The report notes that development of the new car park will require removal of five non-juvenile koala trees but says “it is expected that the works will not cause any long-term or significant impacts to local flora or fauna populations”.

BAAM makes a number of recommendations including the following that relate specifically to koalas:

  • Prior to commencing scheduled, daily activities, the area should be inspected and, if any Koala(s) are observed within trees included in the activity course, the course will be closed until the individual moves away.
  • At no stage will Koalas be forced to move from the tree they occupy.
  • The design of rope bridges and other infrastructure will consider the need for Koalas to access the canopies of trees for food.

Public comments due by 30 March

Public notification of an impact assessible development - comments close 30 March 2016

Public notification of an impact assessible development – comments close 30 March 2016

Information about the development application is available through PD On-line under MCU013567.

The development application is impact assessible and has been advertised. The comment period closes 30 March 2016.

Redlands2030 – 18 March 2016

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  1. The comment period has been extended to 8 April, possibly because the developer has not responded to the RCC information request which I can’t find on PD Online. I have no problem with this type of development in the right place. In Tamborine, Karingal and Kindilan there is a larger amount of bushland with somewhere else for animals to go. Eprapah is our last little patch of bushland in Victoria Point, the one place where koalas and other wildlife can be relatively unmolested.

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