Transport, solar power, political donations, koalas, and 12 units next to a Capalaba park

Transport forums kicked off

Transport forum at RPAC on 1 November

Transport forum at RPAC on 1 November

The first Redland City Transport Forum was held at RPAC on Sunday afternoon.

The event was attended by about 50 people including councillors Beard, Bishop, Boglary, Elliott and Ogilvie.

Mayor Karen Williams, Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Darren Crombie and Dr Matthew Burke

Mayor Karen Williams, Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Darren Crombie and Dr Matthew Burke

After an opening address from Mayor Karen Williams, Guest speakers Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, Dr Matthew Burke and Darren Crombie made presentations about future megatrends, transport planning and infrastructure prioritisation.

More information is available in this Bulletin Report.

The ‘community conversation’ about transport will be continued at two more forums:

  • Saturday November 7 – Victoria Point Library, 7/15 Bunker Road Victoria Point. 1pm – 3pm. Navigating the Future: What should our transport system look like in 20 years’ time to meet our changing needs?
  • Saturday November 14Capalaba Sports Club, 113 Ney Road Capalaba. 2pm – 4pm. Getting into Gear: What are our most pressing transport priorities and how do we deliver them?

Koalas and political donations on the agenda

Redland City Council next meets on Wednesday 4 November commencing at 9:30 am. Here’s a link to the meeting agenda. Two items of business, held over from previous meetings, return to the Council’s agenda this week.

Koalas and local law changes

A proposal to identify three new koala management areas will be discussed under item 11.1.1 – Local laws amendment. As is the case in existing koala management areas, dog owners in the proposed new areas would be required to tether or confine their animals at night.

Political donations

Cr Craig Ogilvie’s motion about political donations will be discussed as item 14.1.1. In this motion Cr Ogilvie is proposing:

That Council resolves to write to the State Government and ask them to enact legislative provisions, similar to the Election Funding, Expenditure and Disclosures Act 1981 (NSW) (“the EFED Act”), which impose caps on political donations, prohibit property developers from making such donations, and restrict indirect campaign donations.

12 unit development next to Winter Memorial Park (item 11.2.3)

Proposed development of 12 units next to Winter Memorial Park

Proposed development of 12 units next to Winter Memorial Park

Councillors will consider a code assessible development application for 12 units at 38 Pittwin Road South, Capalaba (MCU013542).

The site, zoned Medium Density Residential, is located next to Winter Memorial Park.

The officers report states that: “The proposed development is considered to comply with the applicable codes in the Redlands Planning Scheme.”

However, the officers note that the probable solution for this site would be 9 units with an average residential density of 1 dwelling unit per 200m² of site area, whereas the applicant is proposing 12 units with a density of 1 dwelling unit per 155m² which is 3 dwelling units above the density identified within the probable solution. The officers go on to say:

The combination of lot area, dimensions and the fact that the lot adjoins a park provides an opportunity for increased density.
The officers recommendation is that the development be approved.

Will Council spend $100,000 on renewable energy investigations?

An officers report recommends that Council resolve to investigate and identify opportunities for comprehensive solutions for renewable energy and energy management at a cost of $100,000. The report (item 11.3.1) notes that:
A 10 mW solar farm could theoretically meet the energy consumption demand of all Council’s large sites with some residual energy to sell or be used at other large and small sites (e.g. IndigiScapes, South Street Depot, Animal Shelter), provided these sites have the appropriate metering to receive energy from the solar farm.
Undertaking a detailed feasibility study is a small investment of approximately $100,000 relative to committing Council to an investment of $millions.

Draft City Plan public consultation

Cr Craig Ogilview with Council planning staff discussing City Plan at the Cleveland Markets

Cr Craig Ogilvie with Council planning staff discussing City Plan at the Cleveland Markets

The Council had a ‘pop up’ City Plan consultation activity at the Cleveland Markets on Sunday morning.

This week the Council will be holding the following City Plan information sessions:

  • Thursday 5 November: Victoria Point Shopping Centre, 11:30am – 1:30pm
  • Saturday 7 November: Redland Bbay Shopping Centre, 11:30am – 1:30pm
  • Saturday 7 November: Wellington Point Village, 11:30am – 1:30pm

Redlands2030 discusses the Draft City Plan in two recent posts:


Redlands2030 – 1 November 2015

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One thought on “Transport, solar power, political donations, koalas, and 12 units next to a Capalaba park

  1. WINTER MEMORIAL PARK, directly opposite the six 6-storey code assessable apartment buildings now underway must NOT have further impact on liveability of elderly, retired residents living behind park perimeter fence who were shocked one morning to see Cr Karen Williams had dumped a caravan RSL no longer had use for, onto what was their park in the dead of night. When Boystown no longer needed the park, locals asked to have it returned to the local community, but Redlands Mayor stubbornly has refused to let go of it. I had personally, along with others, worked with council parks people to get seating, shade over play area, planted trees, so young families could use the park that brought joy to elderly residents there. Since Mayor took park away from the people, there is no joy, no sounds of childish laughter, because Mayor and her followers won’t allow it,being blinded by insatiable greed caring nothing for community health and wellbeing that every one of us has a rght to..
    With 16 parks, reserves paid for by environmental levy, to be sold off to developers in the new town plan, is Winter Memorial Park to be spared? Will it be filled with units or turned into a polluting car park for units to be built next door to lt?

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