Tracey Huges wins Division 8

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Tracey Huges is set to win Division 8. Mayor Karen Williams’ team will win only four of the ten divisions, falling one vote short of controlling Redland City Council for the next four years.

The Mayor’s “supportive” councillors will be incumbents Mark Edwards, Julie Talty, Paul Gleeson and probably new councillor Peter Mitchell in Division 2.

The other six councillors will be incumbents Wendy Boglary, Lance Hewlett, Murray Elliott and Paul Bishop joined by new councillors Paul Golle (Division 3)  and Tracey Huges (Division 8).

Tracey Huges wins Division 8

This afternoon Alan Beard, incumbent councillor for Division 8, graciously conceded to Tracey Huges and congratulated her.

Division 8 results on the ECQ website as at close of counting today were:

  • Tracey Huges 42.60%
  • Alan Beard (incumbent) 41.62%
  • Kathy Reimers 15.78

It appears that the preferences from Kathy Reimers will ensure victory to Huges.

Paul Golle wins Division 3

In Division 3 with 69% counted, Paul Golle is almost over the line with 49% of the vote and will win when preferences are distributed.

  • Paul Golle 49.15%
  • Penny Donald 29.05%
  • Karyn Owen 13.01%
  • Troy Robbins 8.79%

The likely winner of each council division is shown in the table below.

Vote counted
Leading candidate’s
vote %
Division 1 75 Boglary 62.66
Division 2 76 Mitchell Likely to win on preferences
Division 3 69 Golle Will win on preferences
Division 4 66 Hewlett 66.81
Division 5 54 Edwards 71.65
Division 6 48 Talty 55.38
Division 7 56 Elliott 54.41
Division 8 59 Huges Will win on preferences
Division 9 54 Gleeson 59.84
Division 10 54 Bishop 72.36

Click on division number hyperlinks in the above table to get latest available results from ECQ.

Here is a link to the index for Redlands councillor results on the ECQ website.

Mayor’s majority dwindles in slow vote count

With 68,032 votes now counted Karen Williams with 55.48% of formal votes remains in front of Greg Underwood with 44.52%.

Williams has performed strongly in divisions 5 to 10 but Underwood is currently leading in divisions 2-4. Division 1 is evenly split with Williams just a nose in front.

Here is a link to Redlands mayoral results on the ECQ website.

Redlands2030 – 23 March 2016

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7 thoughts on “Tracey Huges wins Division 8

  1. Three new Councillors should augur well for Redlands. It was a rugged campaign but the winners each seemed to each have an edge.

    Cr Mitchell was out early and had a lead before others joined the race. An own goal by the incumbent which was poorly timed but well leaked on statewide media. That was a big boost to the challenger, although not enough to get him a first past the post majority.

    Cr Golle, golly he must have put in some hard yards. He defeated two Laming protégées but Laming made this his own goal, the Hardman experiment was a failure and you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Voters obviously didn’t want another lemon.

    Cr Huges worked hard to defeat a longstanding incumbent. Perhaps the former Deputy Mayor stayed too long but it was a very close affair. Cr Huges was helped by the efforts of the anti Williams community groups to get over the line. The cameo role of a former Councillor seems to have muddied the water…what was that about?

    It is looks a good result especially if the new Council (as a whole) can open up decision making and demonstrate transparency. So far the Mayor has said all the right things about a new era of collaboration. It would help if they all showed a commitment to community values that are well documented in the the Redlands 2030 Community Plan.

  2. This is a good result for the Redlands as long as the councillors hold fast against Williams. The recent character assassination of Craig Ogilvie is testament at how low she will stoop to achieve her goals.Reading some recent postings on position stance regarding Stradbroke Island Switch Mitch provided ample rhetoric with little substance.

  3. Had Greg Underwood been better known to the community, feel he could have won having had prior experience as General Manager of Redland Shire, an engineer, knowing lay of the land so to speak, (look at his work in building the waterpark in Cairns, THE place for tourists) by Esplanade. Greg’s signs disappeared overnight, while mayor’s large sized glamour shots mounted on wheels, in places obstructing views of oncoming traffic, Blind Freddy couldn’t miss, were prominent all along Old Cleveland Rd East to Wellington Pt. In spite of Tracey Huges’ signs vanishing along the route, I’m elated, at long last, Deputy Mayor Alan Beard lost his seat to Tracey… one of the Seccombe/Williams Six team.
    We are hopeful, in future, with a new council, Mayor Williams, having lost the stranglehold she held, (unless with help by developers doing back room deals a new councillor can be bought) having left 5 councillors in the dark for eight long years, we will be spared witnessing, as in past, a gavel smashing down to silence any local representative speaking on behalf of their constituents, or other disruptions causing distress, by a frustrated mayor. As the saying goes “may there be law and order in the court”. We, the people of Redlands need to know putting an end…once and for all, to back room deals with high profile wealthy developers.

  4. How can the Mayor say I have a mandate for Toondah Harbour when she loses 14% off her vote and has lost her voting block? bye bye to hands up

    • The Mayor clearly lost in Divisions 2 3 and 4. They seem to be the ones closest to Toondah.

  5. Great news, Tracey worked very hard during the campaign. Congratulations to the Councillors who agree the Planning scheme needs to come back to council to be reviewed. Those that also voiced their concerns about Toondah Harbour , Here’s hoping the Mayor gets the message, people were not happy.
    This is a great outcome as none of these Councillors received donations for their campaign from the development industry.

    • Agree, Toni.
      All that stood need a pat on the back for putting up their hand and double pat for those that get over the line. Their hard work in representing the community is about to start.
      I think deputy Alan Beard may lose to Tracey because he chose simply to go with what mayor said and not factor in community.
      No doubt all will be taken aside again this time and asked if they support her policies for which there is a mandate?
      It was quite simplistic in a way for the mayor to sing-song “no tip fees, rates below CPI to Brisbane level, and what- were- the -other- promises”?
      That goes over well with most but where was the policy about dumping spoil into the Ramsar site for Toondah, tying up the Cleveland roads for years to come with construction etc? How did Shoreline fit into the Mayor’s promises for the last council?
      One set of promises for the electors and another set for – you guess!

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