Toondah Harbour assessment decision queried

Big Red Cat leaving Toondah Harbour

Big Red Cat vehicular ferry leaving Toondah Harbour for North Stradbroke Island

Letters to the editor this week slam the Federal Environment Minister’s decision to let Walker Group go ahead with environmental assessment of its proposed Toondah Harbour mega-development.

Community unhappy about Toondah plans

Mangroves immediately south of Toondah Harbour

Mangroves south of  Toondah Harbour in an area proposed for development by Walker Group

To me, it is scary to realise that just last month, Peter Saba, the general manager for the proposed Toondah Harbour development, seemed to be quite sure that the fact that Minister Josh Frydenberg’s decision to give the green light for the $1.4 billion Toondah Harbour project to go ahead to the environmental impact assessment stage. This would kick start extensive consultation with government and the wider community.

Does the minister think the wider community has been sitting on their hands just watching what has been happening with Toondah Harbour? How ridiculous! I would like to point out to the Minister for the Environment that the wider community is most unhappy with this whole issue.

Brian Williams of the Redland City Bulletin pointed out in his excellent article that the huge project has met with bitter opposition in the Redlands due to its size and especially its impacts on marine and bird life, transport issue, koalas, foreshores and a park.

Does Minister Frydenberg not know anything about the Ramsar Convention which covers this whole area? Does he not know that the Ramsar Convention covers not just this area in Cleveland, but many other areas throughout the world? And most countries do take notice of the Ramsar Convention. Sea birds need these areas for their flights when they migrate and they are important to most countries but it seems, not Australia, and not to Minister Frydenberg.

Last month Walker Group withdrew the original referral and submitted revised plans, reducing the size of the proposed marina from 340 berths to about 200. It also increased the buffer zone from the outer sea wall to Cassim Island in an effort to protect birds.

Toondah includes 3,600 dwellings, public space and is expected to house a minimum of 6,300 people. Minister Frydenberg, please don’t expect the people of the Redlands to be jumping up and down with joy just because you have approved this petty reduction in the number of marina berths, while still approving a minimum of 6,300 people to live on this area.

The mind boggles at how much soil and sand will need to be removed to build the columns to support the numbers of units out in the water.

It really makes me wonder how people can be so totally dumb and Minister Frydenberg, I’m sorry but I include you in this group.

Wellington Point

Why the ‘Cone of Silence’ about Toondah?

Walker Group’s proposed coastal development project at Ralphs Bay in Tasmania was rejected.

It is interesting to note that a development like that touted for Toondah Harbour was put before the Tasmanian Government and rejected. They decided the risk of significant environmental damage was not acceptable.

Why is a similar development being considered by our “glorious” Council and our State Government?

All this and the secrecy that will eventually be put around the area is like the famous “Maxwell Smart’s Cone of silence”. Hence ratepayers will be denied any information about this development and the agreements behind it. In my view they are relying too much on so-called “commercial in confidence agreements” as a way of avoiding scrutiny.

Eventually there will be a new election for this Council and I promise there are many hundreds of people working to get rid of the current Councillors.

Why hasn’t the Council discussed the new plans for Toondah in an open meeting? Why won’t they show the community where they stand?

I worked for 10 years as a Councillor and was honoured to do so. The Toondah disaster has soured my experience.

Frank Bradley
Former Councillor

Overseas interests in Toondah Harbour?

Toondah Harbour

Will overseas investment be needed for the proposed Toondah Harbour development?

Recently Alan Jones stated what I had said all along about the Australian government handing over the Port of Darwin to the Chinese…being a huge mistake. He further stated that politicians in Canberra needed to wake up.

I’m reminded of what my late husband said some 40 years ago, having lived in Shanghai where he received his engineering degree, that some day we will all be gardeners for the Chinese…remembering it said that ‘when the sleeping giant awakens, you will hear her roar!’

The Mayor of Redlands is travelling overseas to Asian countries shortly, and touting her Redlands is open for business mantra among Chinese businessmen.

Mayor Williams must exercise caution and be alert to who she is lobbying and most importantly, who she is being lobbied by.

The scale of the Toondah Harbour project with 3,600 apartments is massive.  There seems to be only one market big enough …that is, overseas investors.

If not from overseas, then who?  Isn’t it better to have this issue resolved in the planning phase?


Hold politicians to account

Walker Group’s revised plan for dredging and development of 3,600 apartments.

We need to hold our state and federal politicians to account and if they do not listen to the electorate they lose office. We only need to look back at the last Queensland State Election. Both Campbell Newman and Jeff Seeney scoffed at our concerns for the Great Barrier Reef and for our coastal environment. As a result the LNP were booted out.

Toondah Harbour is a similar abomination…especially for Redlanders, but also the people who live near or recreate on the Bay or visit Straddie. If the Palaszczuk State Government cannot learn from the mistakes of their Opposition, they will need to be treated in exactly the same way.

We Redlanders need to spread the word across the whole State…neighbours, relatives and friends need to be alerted to what is proposed. Toondah is an attack on values that impact on all Queenslanders.

Victoria Point

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3 thoughts on “Toondah Harbour assessment decision queried

  1. TOONDAH HARBOUR, Cleveland. Green light was given some time ago without community knowledge as it was a ‘done deal’ with Mayor & mates, with Walker Corp head honcho boasting he could buy any govt body in Australia and it seems, he has. Right? Correct me if wrong. Labor’s Deputy Premier Jackie Trad approved this massive development, hundreds of apts that bring in big bucks, along with RSC’s highly influential Development Reference Group whose names were published consisting of, namely: “Fox & Bell’s Garry Hargrave, also Redland Chamber of Commerce president, Fiteni Homes Chief, Adam Soutar, Ausbuild chief Michael Loney, Cardno’s Michael Anderson, JFP Urban consultants Shane Talty (John Burns, Cr Julie Talty’s father, worked with Peter Endacott, Alan Beard, & solicitor Burrell, to, behind Mayor Eddie’s back, change overnight zoning of 29-37 Moreton Bay Rd Capalaba (wetland site under special protection in Koala Coast Policy (no longer recognized in Redlands) from ‘special protection’ to ‘commercial’ since Mr Endacott wanted the site for his commercial bldgs. needing to fill Coolnwynpin Ck bank with tall, concrete walls, today a no-go zone for locals, too dangerous to enter from 19 Crotona Rd units. State govt Labor AWU operatives co-operated, along with head town planner in Council (later asked to leave) Mr White. Added to the reference group is John Pappas; Redland Constructions Peter Endacott,; Sheehy & Partners Phil Cockerill; and Peter Johnson from Villa World.
    These are Mayor Williams’ advisors who pull the strings, effectively, on dealing with local, State and Federal governments, to give approval to begin operations on Toondah Harbour. From past experience, it is well known that an EIS would not work in this case.
    Planning Minister Trad gave the green light for this monstrous project before any Redland resident knew about it. Correct me again if wrong. She agreed to help RCC revitalise an UGLY PATCH OF FORESHORE. Mayor Williams said the project would create more than 1000 jobs a year during construction & 500 jobs on completion. Parkland would be enhanced with no cost to taxpayer. Is this then the gateway to beautiful Stradbroke Island? Can thousands of new dwellings with resulting traffic congestion with nothing to appeal to tourists from what I see, as overseas tourists are asking, in their packages, for tracking in forested areas to view native fauna and flora and where it seems to me there are no koalas left to show visitors, are there? But there will be jobs, jobs, jobs, in construction which is important to the Jackie Trad’s in State & local government….so they would want to get started on ridding the Redlands of this ‘ugly patch of foreshore’ ASAP. I fail to see how tourism will attract overseas visitors to Cleveland as the gateway to beautiful North Stradbroke Island…but could be wrong. Hope so. Lord Mayor BCC is working on attracting visitors by supplying moorings on Bne River with one to Moreton Bay islands so have suggested to restart, as in yesteryear, taking passengers to Dunwich, where spokesperson for his people, Cameron Costello, with help from State govt, create a tourist resort, from which tourists can travel to other islands. What overseas tourist wouldn’t want to take home an Aboriginal work of art. A gaily coloured vessel with Aboriginal markings would be a delight to see at a Brisbane River mooring, named something like ‘the Quandamooka Flyer’…

    What are you all worrying about over Toondah?
    Read the Mayor’s reassurance above in her June newsletter .
    Your comments were premature when you worried over the “alleged” impacts on shore birds etc. You should have waited. Now you will have a go when the EIS is advertised because that’s where the environmental impacts and benefits will be weighed and measured. So there’s time yet to start a list of environmental benefits of the project. What could an environmental benefit be? Perhaps….dunno. Over to the experts.
    Don’t rubbish Josh Frydenberg.
    He was just doing his job in letting decision making go to EIS. This freed him up to spend more time on trying to fit Finkel into coal and clean coal.
    You can’t go past the economic benefits to us from all the construction jobs, serving coffee and driving the tankers or service vehicles. No one has done an Adani study and found the employment numbers overblown.
    But a bit of a worry though that Lord Mayor Quirk is making Brissie the step off point for boat trips to Straddie.
    But, be reassured. In the Mayor’s words “The EIS is not controlled by Council nor do we have any say in its outcome.”

    • A lot of points worth scrutinising further, but I will address only one, highlighting the multiple inconsistencies and a cancerous perversion presented as truth to a public fast becoming intolerant of the persistent barrage of BS. Its worth reviewing court transcripts from Adani’s own Lawyers, who admitted they could not substantiate Adani’s own significantly overstated employment claims, despite the largesse of legal funds they were paid. The current penchant for politicians to inflate our cost-of-living, now also applies to repeating fictions identified in court as blatant falsehoods. Neglected miners, aversions to admitting the insidious incidence of Black Lung, and 50,000 abandoned mines, with new leases being granted again, and no sign of billions in abandoned promises of environmental repatriation, with “Politicians” unworthy of any position of public trust, thinking to throw additional Billions of our money, in financing more of the same yet again, is a crime against all Australians. I can think of some pretty strong language to describe my complete disgust and disdain for perpetuating such behaviour and ignoring safer and more lucrative alternatives – none of it consistent with the ideal of faithful representation.

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