Toondah Harbour EoI Sign STAGED!


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Signage for Expressions of Interest (EoI) to develop Toondah Harbour Priority Development Area (PDA) has gone up – with only a month to go before closing date. The welcome news is that GJ Walter Park and the Bay are now being shown outside a smaller developable land area of 6.8ha.

It is clearly defined that developable land area is now limited to the State and Council owned lands adjacent to the Toondah Harbour port – the original land earmarked for development many years ago.

So what of the Government’s recent PDA plans showing buildings and roads decimating our GJ Walter Park and significant high-rise development built over the bay – should we now believe our park and bay are safe from the developers?

Any developer now has only 1 month to submit an Expression of Interest for the Project – is this timeframe sufficient for a prudent investor to come forward?

Some in our Community are sceptical and believe that our valued Parkland and unique natural environs still remain threatened, threatened to be gifted away to developers, concreted over piece by piece OR should we say ‘stage by stage’ – does our Council and the Minister for Economic Development have other Plans – STAGED PLANS?

Of  further interest in all this is that the Toondah Harbour Market Assessment and Development Strategy document used to justify the viability of the PDA Scheme was authored by JLL – is it now proper this Company be touting the EoI to the developers?JLLlogo

These are just some of the questions the Redlands Community are asking – are there other questions that should be asked?