Toondah and budget updates on Council agenda

Councillors to get a confidential update on PDA bids

A confidential report on bids for the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek PDAs is on the Redland City Council’s agenda for its next general meeting on 3 September.

This information will be discussed during a closed session of the meeting which means that the public and media will not be able to find out what may be happening with the PDA bids.

Expressions of interest in the Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas (PDA) closed on 28 July. Since then the only information made available to the community was set out in a Redland City Bulletin story which said that six investors had submitted bids with two investors making submissions for both sites.

City deficit getting worse

The deficit gets bigger

The City’s deficit gets worse

The Council’s meeting agenda includes some changes to the 2014/15 Budget. These are mainly to do with items carried over from the previous year. The revised budget shows that the operational deficit will increased by $260,000 to $11,486,000. For further details refer to the table at the end of this article.

The increasing deficit did not seem to trouble the Mayor and the Councillors who support her when they recently approved spending $100,000 per year on a Community Events Officer without a business case.

Name change from Russell to Canaipa Island?

Names of the southern Moreton Bay islands

Southern Moreton Bay island names (click to enlarge)

Councillors will also discuss a proposal to rename Russell Island to Canaipa Island. Cr Mark Edwards has given notice that he will move the following motion:

  1. Support the Bay Islands Chamber of Commerce proposal for the renaming of Russell Island to Canaipa Island
  2. Acknowledge that for the Quandamooka people, the name of the island has always been Canaipa and is an extremely significant island specifically linked directly to a major dreaming story that connects the islands in Quandamooka (Moreton Bay) and the Quandamooka people advocate for all Moreton Bay Islands to be changed to their traditional names so that the dreaming story is respected and celebrated; and
  3. Provide a letter of support for the change, including acknowledgement that Council may need to reallocate location addresses and notify affected persons

Cr Edwards, who has portfolio responsibility for finance, has so far not mentioned how much it might cost Council to implement his proposal.

Meeting agenda

Redland City Council Offices in Cleveland

The agenda for this meeting is available on the Council’s website.

Although the subject matter is usually serious, Council meetings often provide moments of light entertainment.

Meetings are open to the public (except for the closed session at the end). To see democracy in action come to the meeting and watch from the public gallery.

The meeting will be held at the Council’s offices in Bloomfield Street, Cleveland on Wednesday 3 September, commencing at 9:30 am

Details of the revised 2014/15 operational budget

Returning to our earlier discussion about the budget, here is the revised forecast operating statement. It shows that the budgeted operating deficit is getting very close to $11.5 million.

Redland City's revised budget now shows an $11,486,000 operational deficit

Operational deficit now expected to be $11,486,000 according to a revised budget being considered by Redland City Council at its meeting on 3 September

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  1. If all dredge spoil from port developments is to be dumped onshore in the future (Abbott Point) does that mean we have to find a salt pan here in the city to take Toondah dredge?
    Would that be a new zoning for the city Plan?

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