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Toondah Action Group Activities 

20 October 2017

Members of the Toondah Action Group

We have been working through the hundreds of people who volunteered to support the Toondah Action Group (TAG) at recent rallies held at GJ Walter Park.  We have been caught out by the sheer numbers but we are nearly there.

All our efforts are geared to having the Redlands City Council and the State government see the sense in stopping the Toondah PDA and starting again.  The slogan is “Stop the rort” and “Fix the port”. we use this slogan because almost everyone wants to see a refurbished ferry and barge terminal at toondah Harbour.  What is not wanted…and not needed is the massive residential development in the Bay.

The scam being employed against the community purports that the port upgrade can be achieved at no cost to ratepayers.  There are claims that the development will create jobs…the claim is there will be 500 new jobs but there is never a mention of the over 4000 extra commuters that would flow from the scale of development touted. we could go on, but the details are well canvassed on social media.

Also, did you know about the claims that councillors have been sworn to secrecy and are not even allowed to criticise the project.  That is an absurd situation and a blunt assault on the democratic process supposedly embedded in local government.

You can help now by:

1. Sign up for Redlands2030 newsletters Subscribing (if not already a subscriber) to the newsletters of Redlands2030 through the web site

2. “Like” anti – Toondah Facebook pages Consider the Facebook pages that support TAG and we urge you to at least “like” one or more so the level of community support for calls to “Stop the rort and fix the port” are measured.

The community Facebook pages regularly running articles about the Toondah scam are:



3. Straddie



The Toondah Action Group will “use” the Facebook pages Redlands2030 and ToondahFriends as a key primary sources of advice and information for TAG.  Your  likes, shares and comments will help give new life to these forums.

3. Support the petition launched at the rally on 30 September.   This petition calls on Council and Councillors to withdraw support for the Toondah PDA.  Given the current project of 3600 apartments was never considered by the Redland City Council at a Council meeting this is not a big ask.  Council only supported the project in the early days when the number of units was about 400-800.  Further, since the last election three new Councillors have been elected and their support or other has never been test in the Chamber.   A copy of the petition can be printed from HERE, if you can print the document and collect at least a few signatures it will add weight to the cause.  Return completed petition forms to the address on the petition on or before the 20 November.  For your information we collected over 400 signatures at the September rally and the rate of “refusal to sign” was minuscule.  So you will likely find most people willing to sign.

4. Attend meetings of Redlands2030 especially the next meeting which will examine research on the Health of Moreton Bay.  Details are available here

Community members have placed teddies and soft toys on a fence in the park to become the toondah Defenders5.  Collect and save toy teddy bears.  Toys can be reused for an important job.  They will be used as our Toondah defenders on the fence at GJ Walter Park.  Plans for mounting the guards on the fence are underway for a day in mid November…date and time to be confirmed but it will entail a social get together so members of TAG can take time to meet and greet.

5 October 2017

1. PETITION – We are  asking members to collect more signatures on the petition which circulated on Saturday. The response on the day was impressive but a few hundred more signatures will put icing on the case.

Some people have asked why this is a hard copy petition (it is not online). Unfortunately this is the format the Council insists upon.  We need a hard copy, petition that  each person must sign individually.  Once the petition forms are signed contact to arrange collection or delivery.  We would like to complete the petitions by 15 October 2017…so down load and print a copy of the petition (see ) and get neighbours and friends to sign it.

2. BOOKMARK the Toondah Action Group webpage. Consider asking friends to JOIN, Donate or subscribe to the Newsletter.

3. NEXT MEETING – Please pencil in the  evening of Thursday 26th October for the next Redlands2030 meeting.  We have secured Darryl McPhee re launch of his book on the Environmental History of Moreton Bay.  The Bay is the end of the catchment for most of the rivers and streams in South East Queensland.  Impacts on the Bay are an accumulation of poor planning, management and development decisions in the whole of the region. Toondah Harbour is the source of even more problems for the Bay as adverse impacts accumulate in the Bay.  So pencil in the 26th October (6 pm for 6:30 until 8:30pm) at the Redlands Multi-sports Club (cnr Randall / Bailey Rd, Birkdale  MAP ). NOTE it is NOT the Redlands SPORTING Club at Wellington Point.

4, CALL FOR STAR PICKETS – We do have an immediate need for some star pickets (steel fence posts) on which we can place signs and posters.  If you have a spare or surplus star picket please let us know by email so we can arrange to meet and collect.

5. TELL US what you think about Toondah…write a letter to “The Editor, Redlands2030” via email Your 300-400 word letter might be the trigger for others to join in discussion and debate.  Note that we need to have authentic names and email addresses but your letter will normally appear over your initials (unless you specify otherwise).  We do respect your privacy and we know some people have various reasons to keep their identity from the public gaze.

6. FACEBOOK – In  the world of social media (especially Facebook) the activity in response to various posts helps direct traffic to a site.  Your comments, likes and shares give life to our social media forums.  Please check out the following outlets.

  1. The main website is and comments on this site are very important, the site is also carefully monitored
  2. One of the most popular Facebook pages in the Redlands is your support for this page is also important in sustaining the questions about the Toondah development
  3. There are a few Toondah centric Facebook pages with varying perspectives about the Toondah development, your support for some or all will be appreciated, have a look at
    1. Toondnah Friends i.e.
    2. Save our Bay – Toondah Harbour i.e.

Thankyou for your support to STOP THE RORT – FIX THE PORT … WE CAN’T BE BEATEN.

Rally – Sat. 30 September 2017