SWAG says “Enjoy! … Don’t destroy!”

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Alexandra Hills residents protesting at the local shopping centre about Council’s park sell-off plans

Residents in and around Workington Street Park in Alexandra Hills have joined the groundswell  of community opposition to the Council rezoning local parks and selling them off to developers.

Parks go to the heart of community. The broad sweep of Redland City Council’s attack on parks is generating angry reactions across the City.

Save Workington Street Park Action Group (SWAG)


Locals turned up in droves to show that they value their local greenspace…the Workington Street Park

Residents near Workington Street Park (of 2528 sqm) have formed an action group to protect their much loved park. They go by the distinctive brand name of “SWAG” (or Save Workington Street Park Action Group).

The group has an active Facebook page and they invite people across the City to “Like” the page and send a message to every Councillor, including the Mayor.

It wasn’t until a letterbox drop by one concerned resident, that the majority of residents became aware that under the Draft Redland City Plan 2015, Workington Street Park had been assigned as Open Space Lot / Surplus Land earmarked to be sold to developers for low density housing.

20151120_154028Streets near the park are now festooned with signage protesting the proposed rezoning and sale of the Workington Street Park.  The anger of local communities having to defend their assets should worry any councillor (or mayor) planning to seek re-election in March 2016.

20151120_153451Workington Street Park is accessed by Scotby Court, Greystoke Place and Workington Street. It’s one of 16 pocket parks in the Redlands under real threat of development.  Any cursory inspection of the park will find it being used by local kids and cared for by local residents.  Recent sightings of koalas serve to make the site even more valued by locals.

The residents and supporters that formed SWAG are becoming increasingly mindful of the implications of Workington Street Park being rezoned as Residential Low Density under the Draft Redland City Plan 2015.

SWAG builds capacity

Based on advice sought from Council’s own planners ata  public consultation “open house”, it is becoming plainly obvious that this ultimately means squished RCC Workington St Park Signagehousing on 400m2 lots, with the potential for this to be reduced even further.  There are flow on effects such as increased vehicular traffic / noise impacts in quiet suburbia, loss of community amenity and security, and most definitely there will be a detrimental impact on the green corridor and the biodiversity of wildlife in the area.

Members of SWAG are frankly dismayed that little green pocket parks like Workington Street Park are even on the agenda for any re-zoning by a short sighted Council and find it a perverse irony that Redland City Council’s own Parks and Conservation Signage (there are two in Workington Street Park) say  “Enjoy … Don’t Destroy”.  

SWAG wants the Council to live by its own motto!

Local action by local people

SWAG Flyer Save Workington Park SWAG Flyer NOT for SALE SWAG Flyer Enjoy ... Don't Destroy

SWAG organiser Robyn Grayson said “we have developed a suite of flyers and bumper stickers to get their message out to both locals and the broader community.

“In the process they have come across other community groups across the city having to defend their local parks, she said.

“It was so sad to see how the people near Teak Lane at Victoria Point have been treated, by the decisions dropped on them by Council and the State Government.  Where was the voice of the people? asks Grayson

“We won’t let that happen to us! she warns.

SWAG workington street logo 12122614_402059726667563_6951263954010811102_n

To support their cause, SWAG have an impressive array of bumper stickers and flyers as they press their cause and build local and City-wide support for their cause.

SWAG is circulating a detailed draft submission noting a Council letter dated 19 April 1984 which calls for the park to be set aside as a condition of development approval in Stage 25 of the Vienna Woods Estate.

Locals ask, if the park was needed in 1984 – why not today?

City Plan submissions close on 27 November

If you are concerned about Redland City Council’s plans for rezoning and sale of 16 local parks and open space areas, make sure that you lodge a submission about the Draft City Plan before 27 November.

Advice on making a submission is available here.


Redlands2030 – 21 November 2015

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5 thoughts on “SWAG says “Enjoy! … Don’t destroy!”

  1. really, are Council stupid or just arrogant ? small local parks are treasured by locals and provide a respite from the urban area which is becoming increasingly dense. Council should make public it’s assessment of why they think these parks are “suplus” and explain that to the locals in a public meeting – let’s see how far they get then ! anothe example of the Williams’ Council secrecy and behind the door deals for developers

  2. What right does a handful of people sitting on Council have to take away parks and open spaces from residents?
    How will they (and their grandchildren) feel in 2030 when the Redlands is full of cheap ugly housing on open spaces once owned and enjoyed by ratepayers??

  3. “Redland City is a great place to live, play and do business” to quote our incumbent Mayor.

    I for one, am sick of the lip service sprouted by RCC’s marketing material, whilst shortsighted decisions impact how our community and wildlife “live and play” by re-zoning it’s green spaces and conservation areas in cosy “business” deals for developers, subsidised heavily by ratepayer dollars. What a betrayal of the community you are suppose to represent. Time to actually walk the talk Council! You can bank on my Submission / Objection, and my vote next March.

    SWAG are to be congratulated on protecting the community’s asset, such as Workington Street Park. But then why should they have to? Shame on RCC and RIC.

  4. Re sale by RCC of 16 community parks. WHO can advise, since some parks have had zonings changed to Residential, have all of these parks been spoken for?
    Cr Paul Gleeson of Div 9, listed Elmhurst Street Park, Cnr Elmhurst & Ingham Streets by Finucane Rd entry, Capalaba FOR SALE. His reason?
    Speaking with locals nearby, was met with surprised looks as no one knew this park was for sale. One Ingham St resident infomed me the park has already been sold!
    Considering this space with its twelve old growth trees provides a pollution barrier from Finucane Rd traffic, which will increase, already considered dangerous with many motorists driving to Crotona Rd to Windemere Rd lights to make a safe right turn onto Finucane Rd Alex Hills, it’s hard to believe how anyone in council could sell our much needed parks and open space inviting further congestion during peak hours
    Many old time residents are saddened & dismayed on learning the Williams Administration sold this park with its native trees of high value to community & birdlife, is to be replaced with brick & tile. For past 28 years, I have enjoyed gazing at the trees as I walk by with my dog Charlie, so too am saddened by the loss.

  5. How did RCC arrive at a criteria to say ANY of these parks are “surplus” “waste space” or “commerical viable” is the greater question…

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