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Officially submissions on the Redlands City Council draft Economic Development Strategy close today 5 September 2014.  As a weekend follows it may be possible to express your view by e-mailing your comment today or over the weekend.

 One way is to use the “mail” button (top right side of this post) and add the address when the email template appears.  The subject “Submission to the draft Economic Development Strategy” appears automatically.  You can amend the message but you don’t have to.

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ADD YOUR NAME in the usual way (as an email)…THATS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO

All done, the Subject box explains what purpose of the email.  We at Redlands 2030 are looking at ways to improve community participation in this and other consultation processes.

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Redlands 2030 hosted one of the the “kitchen tables” (after some debate over the eating of the words on the Council template that was used to arrange the event).  Council’s offer to take the notes was gratefully accepted, and it was agreed the notes would be returned to participants prior to the end of the consultation period, and that once ‘agreed” the notes would be accepted as a submission.  Unfortunately the notes have not yet surfaced so we expect that submission will need some polish before being lodged (next week, we presume?)

As the timeline will need to be extended please accept this email as a submission to the Redlands City Council draft Economic Development Strategy.

This is a SUBMISSION to the draft EDS

Over the period of the consultation process Redlands 2030 has garnered a range of views on this draft Strategy.  These views form Posts on the website and are submitted as comment on the draft Economic Development Strategy

These can be accessed by Council officers through the following links:

Economic Development Strategy does not join the dots 

Redlands (un) economic development strategy 

Will baby boomers help the Redlands Economy?

More options to cargo cult thinking?

Are we stuck with cargo cult thinking?

A properly formulated economic Development Strategy should be formulated having regard the the views expressed through this and other submissions.  The existing Strategy need s to be re-written and attuned to the community’s goals, aspirations and values.

Of real concern is the proposal for an economic Development Advisory Committee (sometimes referred to a s Board) without any community representatives.

Council’s acknowledgement of my submission and subsequently the response to my comments is anticipated.