Stop the boats!!

The REDLANDS TIMES 6 June 2014 reported the Redland City Council’s decision not to approve a 16 berth extension to the 75 berth Raby Bay marina.  The story outlined how Council “knocked on the head” the marina extension.  The decision apparently followed a detailed the plea on behalf of commercial operators by Chair of the Raby Bay Commercial Body Corporate, Kent Beal.

The reported basis of Mr Beal’s submission to Council was that the extra marina berths would block views, create noise and create parking problems!

Why put a 400 berth marina here?

Why put a 400 berth marina here?

Mr Beal’s arguments echo exactly that of the community submissions on the draft Toondah Harbour development scheme and its proposal for an 800 berth marina.  Community concerns about noise, scenic amenity, parking and loss of public greenspace apply at least equally to 400 berth marina included in the final development scheme for Toondah Harbour as recently released by the Government.

If Councillors were convinced of the amenity impacts and problems that would arise from a further 16 marina berths  at Raby Bay, isn’t it time they sank the (at least equally) unsavoury and hyped-up 400 berth proposal now in the wind to be built adjacent to GJ Walter Park?

Then again, why hasn’t Council assessed the Toondah Harbour Development Scheme against our Redlands 2030 Community Plan?  The Community Plan details the vision goals and objectives that will sustain the liveability and lifestyle of Cleveland.  The Toondah Scheme …it just does not fit in.

Any developer of the Toondah Harbour marina should anticipate long, loud and ongoing complaints from the existing residents and importantly the new residents to be housed in the adjacent 10 storey high rise units.  On the proposed 400 berth marina at Toondah Harbour the community is mostly agreed, and on the message to Government and Council remains …“stop the boats”.





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4 thoughts on “Stop the boats!!

  1. Just stand on the new proposed breakwater to enjoy the view, it will still be there. Why cant we have a 400 berth marina? They are not unheard of in other places. If you are going to protest, dont sound like you are wearing rose coloured glasses. Im a local, im interested to hear real reasons why this should not go ahead, i can think of plenty why it should go ahead.

  2. The view out to the bay on a clear, sunny day is stunning. We would lose that beautiful view forever if a marina was built.

    • The present view is uninterrupted and should be preserved forever. I believe the mangrove island would have to go to make way for the marina. Shame on this council if this happens.

  3. Great story. If Council are concerned about the Raby Bay marina with its capacity of 80-100 boats. How could they have accepted the plans for 400 berths – let alone the original pipe dream of a 800 berth marina. Our Council Planners, and those that do not question their professionalism, have a lot to answer for.

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