Station Master’s Cottage on the move again

The Station Master's Cottage currently in Middle Street Cleveland will soon be moved again

The Station Master’s Cottage currently in Middle Street Cleveland will soon be moved again

The historic Station Master’s Cottage is to be moved from the RSL Club to the ‘old Cleveland Town’ precinct. Ratepayers will pay for relocating the cottage and re-establishing it with power, water and sewerage.

Although the vote for removal was in an open council meeting on July 27, the decision followed discussion of a confidential report behind closed doors. This discussion presumably dealt with financial details of the relocation project.

The old cottage is currently located at 204 Middle Street in Cleveland. It’s being moved to make way for expansion of Redland’s RSL’s hotel facilities in accordance with development application MCU013483.

It’s not known how much the ratepayers will be contributing to this move and how much the RSL will contribute, given that it will be saved from having to make an application for the demolition of the building as well as considerable demolition costs.

Heritage value of the Station Master’s Cottage

Despite it’s impressive “Redlands Heritage” sign, the Station Master’s Cottage is not included on either the State Heritage Register or the incomplete local council heritage register.

The cottage is not in its original position which means that it’s heritage value is greatly reduced. The building used to be in Shore Street close to the old train line.

Principles for managing heritage preservation in Australia are set out in the Burra Charter which says in Article 9:

The physical location of a place is part of its cultural significance. A building, work or other element of a place should remain in its historical location. Relocation is generally unacceptable unless this is the sole practical means of ensuring its survival.

The cottage’s new location will be next to two other twice relocated buildings, the Schoolmaster’s House and the railway siding building which now house the Old Schoolhouse Gallery.

It is regrettable that any building with heritage value has to be relocated and it’s hoped that after the Station Master’s Cottage there will be no need for any more additions to ‘old Cleveland Town’.

Redland City’s few remaining heritage buildings should remain in their place.

Changes to the Redlands Planning Scheme proposed by the previous (2012-2016) council in it’s Draft City Plan 2015 didn’t address the need for heritage protection of privately owned properties.

Councillors are currently reviewing changes to the planning scheme in a series of non-public workshops. Their priorities should include a proper heritage management strategy based on genuine community engagement – an important aspect of heritage management as noted by the State Government in it’s detailed Guidelines for: Carrying out a heritage survey:

Community engagement acknowledges the role of local people in determining heritage value and makes the survey more transparent and accountable. Dialogue with the community brings forward valuable local knowledge and diverse community views. It is an opportunity to discuss the region’s important historical themes, review and revise the long list, and discuss potential issues, risks and opportunities for heritage conservation. (page 6)

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5 thoughts on “Station Master’s Cottage on the move again

  1. Just another day in the life of Cleveland. Not what it was in the 1980’s and nor should it be. But the level of greed apparent amongst those we somehow managed to elect to office to do the best for the Redlands is now becoming appalling clear. Dig deeper into the rhetoric and you’ll find $$$$ signs everywhere. Going for gold at the games is all very well, but elbowing aside loyal businesses (with no apologies) to create another café venue; allowing taxi drivers to clog up the main street to the detriment of local shoppers; allowing erection of tall-storey apartments with no parking except on the street; knocking aside tree-lined parks for all, and allowing them to become marinas for the rich; over-building the railway station = more jaywalkers to avoid, and more frustrated commuters circling the car park; allowing the RSL to overstep their boundaries. Yes, Cleveland is not what it was in the 1980’s nor the 1908’s but as long as we continue to elect to council men and women who show their true colours only after the vote is cast, then Cleveland will continue to morph into just another coastal suburb without character. Sad.

  2. Following on what Toni says. As a pensioner paying high rates, see no reason why I should be burdened with paying for removal of a heritage building that should stay right where it is….and if not, and RSL want it transplanted elsewhere, they should pay for it. I have heavily addicted pokie playing friends who tell me daily of wins and losses at RSL, mostly losses….and in course of a year, would have lost several thousands of dollars of their pension money. Take a look at who frequent these places…retirees, pensioners, mostly female, as I at times accompany my friends on special occasions. And to top it off, when elderly citizens can no longer drive themselves to spend their days and money in front of pokie machines, a brightly coloured van will happily pick them up at front door of their home and return them late evening. So yes….please… do not force ratepayers, many of whom are struggling to make ends meet in these difficult economic times, pay for removal of any heritage listed or unlisted building in Redlands.

  3. The Station Master’s residence is number 20 on the Cleveland-Ormiston Heritage Trail, Council’s own publication guiding residents and visitors around the historic places in Cleveland that was proclaimed a township way back in December 1850. As well, the Station Master’s residence is also listed on the Register of the National Trust.
    So, not State listed nor locally listed? No heritage importance? Not quite. Simply work not done. Does any policy exist showing the house does not threshold at either State or local level?
    Lack of heritage policy and understanding of heritage is continuing to raise eyebrows. It is quite embarrassing.
    The house has been moved before as noted and original context altered of course. What was discussed behind closed doors for 27 July we don’t know. Was there a report from a qualified heritage person?
    Not too late for that yet because in spite of the best of intentions standard re-location can spoil or alter original features of the property.
    More importantly, the community has missed an opportunity to have a say in whether they think Cleveland’s connection by railway played a part in what we have become. Is this residence part of the story? Another seaside town, Redcliffe , is almost 130 years behind in rail connection. Is this important: is it part of our story?
    More than time for heritage to get the proper attention.

  4. Are they going to move the ‘vintage’shops in Middle And Blomfield streets somewhere else when they start building the multi-storey appartment blocks and shops on these streets shortly. Just think, we could have Cleveland the way it was, somewhere else. ?
    Watch this space folks, those trips to China weren’t just junkets. Library Carpark Food Market??The apartment dwellers have to have somewhere to go???

  5. Why should the ratepayers pay for the removal of this lovely old home, when does the RSL take responsibility for this. They tried to remove other old heritage homes on Middle Street to expand their car park. The old RSL hall removed and now in Smith Street was paid for by ratepayers and the renovation to the old Police Station in Passage Street was also at ratepayers costs. Maybe some profit from pokies could cover this cost, as it is too easy just to flick costs to ratepayers as the RSL is a business.

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