Statement of clarification and apology to Fiteni Homes

Site of proposed development

Site of proposed development by Fiteni Homes

On 28 November Redlands2030 published an open letter from Ms Adelia Berridge to Fiteni Homes about its plans for development at 223-231 Wellington Street, Ormiston.

It has been drawn to our attention that the publication of the letter contained incorrect assumptions and statements which may have been taken to suggest that Fiteni Homes had acted unlawfully or improperly in its dealings with Redland City Council.

Ms Berridge has confirmed in writing that she made incorrect assumptions and she has unreservedly apologised to Fiteni Homes.

It was never the intention of Redlands2030 to suggest that Fiteni Homes or any other of its principals or directors had acted in any way unlawfully or improperly in relation to its development plans. To the extent that the published article may have suggested or implied otherwise we join in extending our apologies to Fiteni Homes and its principals and directors.

The article was removed from the Redlands2030 website on 4 December 2014.

Steve MacDonald, Tom Taranto and Chris Walker






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One thought on “Statement of clarification and apology to Fiteni Homes

  1. Fiteni enterprises again shows that it is prepared to use legal measures to protect its good reputation but is not prepared to show to the community a generosity of spirit that would show it was prepared to consider the environment.

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