State Election: Candidates in the Redlands

Redland City voters will soon be choosing MPs for four seats at the state election on 25 November.

Redland City voters will soon be choosing MPs for four seats at the state election on 25 November.

On 25 November Queensland voters will elect a new state parliament and choose a new governmen t.

In the Redlands the four incumbent members of parliament want to keep their jobs but some of them face tough competition.

To help the community find out what choices might be available on polling day, Redlands2030 has put together this guide to seats and candidates . As new information becomes available the guide will be updated. Email us at thereporter@redlands2030

Here is a guide to candidates in each of the four  electorates which together cover Redland City.


Capalaba – link to full size map

The state electorate of Capalaba includes the suburbs of Capalaba, Alexandra Hills and Thorneside together with parts of Birkdale and Wellington Point.

This seat is currently held by Don Brown of the Labor Party.

Candidates in ballot order:

TAYLOR, Paul (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation)
BROWN, Don (Australian Labor Party)
LEAFE, Cameron (LNP)
SANDERSON, Joshua (The Greens)

Capalaba electorate profile including polling booths

Paul Taylor – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation – Facebook page

Don Brown – Labor –
 Facebook page

Cameron Leafe – LNP – Facebook page

Jason Lavender – Independent Facebook page

Joshua Sanderson – The Greens – website

Oodgeroo (formerly Cleveland)

Oodgeroo (formerly Cleveland)
Link to full size map

Oodgeroo, which used to  be known as  Cleveland, includes North Stradbroke Island and the suburbs of Cleveland, Ormiston, and parts of Wellington Point, Birkdale and a small part of Thornlands.

This seat is currently held by Mark Robinson of  the LNP.

Candidates in ballot order:

SCOTT, Brad (The Greens)
AUSTIN, Tony (Australian Labor Party)

Oodgeroo electorate profile including polling booths

Brad Scott – the Greens – Facebook page

Mark Robinson -LNP –
 Facebook page

Tony Austin – Labor –
 Facebook page


Redlands – link to full size map

The state seat of Redlands includes the suburbs of Redland Bay Victoria Point and most of  Thornlands. It also includes Coochiemudlo, Macleay, Lamb, Karragarra and Russell islands.

This seat is currently held by Matt McEachan of  the LNP.

Candidates in ballot order:
KEOGH, David (The Greens)
RICHARDS, Kim (Australian Labor Party)
QUICK, Jason (Pauline Hanson’s One Nation)

Redlands electorate profile including polling  booths

David Keogh – The Greens – website

Peter Dowling – Independent – Facebook page

Kim Richards – Labor –
Facebook page

Jason Quick – Pauline Hanson’s One Nation –  Facebook page

Matt McEachan – LNP –
Facebook page


Springwood – Link to full size map

Voters living in Mount Cotton and Sheldon were added to the seat of Springwood in the electoral redistribution finalised earlier this year.

This seat is currently held by Mick de Brenni of the Labor Party.

Candidates in ballot order :
TAYLOR, John (Civil Liberties, Consumer Rights, No-Tolls)
DE BRENNI, Mick (Australian Labor Party)
TALTY, Julie (LNP)
COTTER, Neil (The Greens)
Springwood electorate profile including polling booths

Mick de Brenni – Labor –  Facebook page

Julie Talty – LNP –
  Facebook page

Neil Kotter – The Greens – Facebook page


Election policies

Plans and policies of political parties likely to run candidates at the State election are available on the party websites:

Family First

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

The Greens

Liberal National Party (LNP)

Labor Party

Election matter

Responsibility for any election matter published on this website is taken by:

Steve MACDONALD of 104 Channel Street, Cleveland.

Redlands2030 – 28 October 2017

Updated with final candidate details, ballot draw, links to ECQ electorate profiles and election matter responsibility on 7 November 2017.

Updated with Jason Lavender photo and link to his candidate Facebook page on 9 November 2017

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5 thoughts on “State Election: Candidates in the Redlands

  1. I would like to know how the LNP and the local candidate managed to get my email address when I have never given it to them. It’s bad enough having to listen to there recorded messages on the phone, even when you are registered with “Do Not Call”.
    Another item on my agenda. When is the bridge to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands going to be built?? I have a vacant block of land on Lamb Island and the rates are now $1,576.50 which include $88.02 for the SMBI Translink Operations Special Charge, which we never use and we don’t even have a properly made road, it is still virtually a bush track and of course this is why no one wants buy real estate over there. I can’t even get the real estate agents interested in listing it. Do we have to wait for a Chinese investor to take the Islands over.?? The Council and Government are obviously not interested.

    • G’day Barbara, long time no hear.
      Don’t like the chance of a Chinese buyer coming along.
      The feds are casting out reds under the bed again, the LNP are set in hopelessness land with no policy and big on waffle sales while One nation is blurting race hatred and lies.
      The old story one lie takes one hundred facts to convince a few thinkers of what is really happening.
      Keep smiling and take it from me China has a lot more to offer than America and Thrump & co.
      Remember our days in Council? Cheers.

  2. From what I’m hearing Mick de Brenni doesn’t stand a chance of retaining his seat in Springwood against Redland Council’s Julie Talty as she has powerful friends, Mayor, developers/pollies in high places there to help. Read where she has a road bearing the family name on Russell Island and in Mt Cotton as well so far. Hearing about it wherever I go, there is a huge poster pictured with Mr de Brenni’s fingers in his ears, erected by Master Builders on a highway? RCC it seems to many locals is run by ‘master builders’ who shall remain nameless.
    Cr Talty’s father was a powerful force in Redlands council when still a Shire…& behind our first Mayor Eddie’s back, made a deal with commercial developer Peter Endacott, to destroy & fill in our ‘specially protected wetland site 29-37 Moreton Bay Rd Capalaba’, assisted by Cr Beard, plus a solicitor. I had gathered over 300 signatures on a petition that then State Govt Env Min Brian Littleproud stated would require an EIS. Not to be.. as Rod Welford, Labor Env Min replaced him…listened and believed local pollies State & local, the 1.5ha site was NOT a wetland (took weeks to drain and fill w imported soils depriving locals using creek bank). Loyal AWU Capalaba Labor Cr Bucknall agreed the area did not legally constitute a wetland and that area around the creek won’t be bulldozed. *

    Wildlife Preservation’s Adrian Caneris was hired for time needed to ‘get all approvals in place’ as Council’s wildlife officer, & promised developer would contribute $15,000 to wildlife protection & conservation but that ‘rather than developer doing the work we’d take the money and do the work ourselves’.**

    Birkdale Cr Helen Murray slammed the preserving of only 25% of land for wildlife habitat. She was backed by Mt Cotton’s Cr Toni Bowler who accused Council officers of misleading Redland residents over amount of ‘green shaded areas’ that appear on planning maps.***

    * Note: Cr Bucknall was correct…area around site was not bulldozed…reason ?..because it was a wetland. All tall majestic trees (many used by koalas) that Wynnum Herald (Editor BB not allowed to comment) editor stated should have been left to the people as a beautiful little oasis, were cut down by hand. Neighbour bought some mulch. Sickening to watch Cr Bucknall led in like dog on a leash pointing, as a good boy, to map over decade old looking green, making out lots of green space left. TODAY ENTRY FROM 19 CROTONA RD ON COOLNWYNPIN CREEK IS AT OWN RISK. A NO GO ZONE FOR LOCALS. Why? Peter Endacott’s towering concrete walls line the creek bank, popular place for graffiti artists and social misfits.

    ** I can still picture a smug looking Cr John Burns swivelling around in his chair looking directly at downcast Adrian Caneris announcing gift of $15,000 by developer to his area. Mr Caneris left when no longer needed by powers that be in council and State govt operatives.

    *** Cr Murray was correct. Nothing has been preserved for the people…nothing has been preserved for wildlife along Coolnwynpin Creek from 19 Crotona Rd creek bank winding around through what we once had…boardwalk built by unemployed…through to bridge on Old Cleveland Road, Capalaba. Today’s Cr Gleeson blocked that view by replacing existing metal fence allowing some view of what was left of green space, with a tall, non-see through timber one.

    In closing, am reminded of what Prof Paul Williams, political scientist of Griffith University had to say about Redland Council’s last local government election campaign, that it was: ‘the dirtiest and grubbiest campaign he’s ever seen!’
    Well it looks like it’s started already for the coming election starting with the ‘fingers in ears poster board of Mr De Brenni ….not listening to the people’…

    Will Cr Julie Talty on winning the seat of Springwood?

  3. I truly believe that every person in the Redlands should find out what the members of each party is going to do about our water resource being taken from us. In a time when water is not an infinite resource the SEQ Water authority should rethink it’s ridiculous stand on not befitting the doors and get on with enlarging the reservoir and putting back the doors. Candidates who are not willing to fight for this should not be given your vote.
    Think carefully before you just vote for a party that will not look after the Redlands.

  4. I am a landowner on Russell island, I would like to know when the government might find the funds for a bridge connecting the islands to the main land. Continuing to hold and not build until this is clear

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