Shoreline proposal raises many questions

Shoreline notice of proposed development

Shoreline’s notice of proposed development

The proposed Shoreline housing development in Southern Redlands raises many questions.

By way of example, here are a dozen.

  1. Why should Council consider a proposal for urban development that is outside the urban footprint in the Redland City planning scheme and the South East Queensland Regional Plan?
  2. Have the proponents made valid assumptions about the amount, type, location and timing of requirements for new accommodation in the Redlands?
  3. Is the assumed level of local employment (in Southern Redlands) plausible?
  4. What is the likely cost to the community (Redland City Council and State Government) of providing infrastructure for this development?
  5. In particular, should this development be allowed to proceed without a full assessment of the need for road upgrades and agreed responsibility for funding these?
  6. Have environmental issues been adequately considered?
  7. Has Shoreline’s public consultation been genuine and effective?
  8. Why has the Redland City Council given the Shoreline developers a massive discount in fees for assessment of this development application?
  9. Why has the Council given Shoreline privileged access to information?
  10. Is the community being given sufficient time and information to understand this proposed development?
  11. Which Councillors (and Mayor) will have a conflict of interest in decisions about this proposed development?
  12. What did Councillors (and the Mayor) have to say about this proposed development when they were campaigning for election?
Responsibility for road upgrades is an issue

Responsibility for road upgrades is an issue

On 17 October the Shoreline project proponents advertised for public comment on its development application which proposes to subdivide a large area of southern Redlands into 4,000 new homes. The only place where this advertisement appeared was on signs at the site of development.

The proponents of the Shoreline project are local developers Fox and Bell and Fiteni Homes.

Shoreline’s development application number is MCU013287 . A number of documents relating to this application are available on the Redland City Council’s website. Unfortunately there is no structure to the way that this information is presented so people have to browse through a large number of documents to understand the project’s scale, rationale and potential impact.

Shoreline notice of proposed development (click to enlarge)

Shoreline notice of proposed development (click to enlarge)

People have until 28 November 2014 to make comments about Shoreline’s development application. This is the standard timeframe for impact assessable development applications which are typically much smaller and simpler projects.

Comments can be made by email to the Redland City Council address with subject: Development Application Enquiry: MCU013287


A community submission template is now available.


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3 thoughts on “Shoreline proposal raises many questions

  1. I have no problem with the development of the 4000 homes, but serious consideration to building a bridge to cross / shortcut across the Logan River to the M1
    This should be in the plan be done first to handle the increased trafffic.
    It is bad enought driving to logan now

  2. This proposal as presented in very concerning. That Shoreline fella’s have got to be kidding. Still can’t figure out how these guys are going to get around the fact that the whole area is within the Regional Landscape and Rural Production Area of the SEQ Regional Plan. Has anyone read Chapter 3 of the SEQRP to whoever is making the decisions on this crazy idea? All I can say is that I hope RCC can see through this push for 4000 dwellings as it is purely an financial plan. The evidence indicates that the soonest it may be required in 2041. If then!

  3. A key constraint to this proposed development is the traffice generation that this development would create. The present roads particularly those into Logan are already at capacity at peak times. Clearly the developers are hoping to bluff their way through. But with Logan City Council indicating that they will oppose it, I cannot see how this development has a hope of proceeding without a major road upgrade. But stranger things have happened!
    We need to watch this space.

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