Have your say about issues for the Queensland 2015 election

Queensland Parliament House

Queensland Parliament House

What are the important issues for the 2015 Queensland election?

The major parties have policies to address the issues that they think are important. Here are links to their policies:

Katter’s Australian Party

Liberal National Party

Palmer United Party

Queensland Labor

The Greens

But do any of these political parties understand what the electorate is most concerned about?

Redlands2030 would like you to have an opportunity to have your say about what you think are the important issues.

In the poll below a number of issues are identified. All you have to do is pick the three issues that you think are particularly important.

This poll is not about how the issues should be dealt with, just which issues are most important.

This is an “opt in poll”. It will only reflect the views of people who choose to respond. Its results are likely to be different from the results that might be obtained from a poll that uses random sampling methods to reflect the overall views of the population.


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One thought on “Have your say about issues for the Queensland 2015 election

  1. Unless the public know who is buying our politicians we can never be certain any of the other subjects can be achieved. Every donated dollar should be accounted for and any breaches should be a jailing offence. Then climate change and the environment plus population growth go hand in hand, If we fail the environment mankind is doomed and all the rest does not matter.So vote for a politician who’s only concern is his constituents and will vote againts his own party is he thinks something is wrong, and is also worried about the environment. If we get that right, then we have to educate our kids to the highest degree,because once our minerals have all gone,.only brains will keep the high standard of living we now have.

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