HOW TO SUPPORT Redlands2030 Inc.

HELP us promote the Redlands 2030 Community vision.


OR Contribute funding to the Redlands2030 Inc Bank Account:

  • NAME : Redlands2030 Inc.
  • BSB : 633000
  • ACCOUNT : 154281802

NOTE: To receive a Confirmation of your deposit please email identifying the date, amount deposited and any entered reference information.


Our Redlands. Our Future.

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2 thoughts on “HOW TO SUPPORT Redlands2030 Inc.

  1. I totally support the comments left by Jay. It is scandalous that such a project could be even contemplated much less be approved. LEAVE TOONDAH HARBOUR ALONE!

  2. TOONDAH HARBOUR – IT SHOULD NEVER EVER GO AHEAD!!!!! It is truly tragic that a Government can be allowed to destroy one of the few unique natural habitats left on the Queensland coast. If this government is not challenged a dangerous precedent will pave the way for similar commercial ventures to devastate your local ecological areas.