Media Contacts

As of January 2018

Redland City Bulletin
Editor: TBA
Phone: 07 3826 8133

Reporter: Brian Williams
Phone: 07 3826 8267  M: 0475 989 886

Newsroom (good idea to send to this address to make sure email is actioned)
Phone: 07 3821 8333

Letters to the Editor
Deadline for letters to go in the hard copy Redland City Bulletin is each Wednesday, 10:00 am

News tips and photos – after hours
Phone: 0407 031 482


Albert & Logan News
Editor: Judith Kerr
Phone: ??


Brisbane Times
Environment Reporter: Tony Moore

Madonna King


Courier Mail
General News       –

Kathleen Noonan  –
Matthew Killoran  –
Michael Wray        –



100.3 BAYFM
07 3821 0022


ABC Radio

ABC News

Journalist :  Contact Stephanie Smail


Wynnum Herald


TV Stations
ABC TV Ch.2     –
Channel 7         –
Channel 9         –
Channel 10       –
Stefan Armbruster    –




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3 thoughts on “Media Contacts

  1. We need a Royal Commission into the use and misuse of moneys by all levels of Council and Government on each of the Moreton Bay Islands. Residents, rate payers and marine animals are all being neglected and even the correct numbers of residents on each of the Moreton Bay Islands is in question. See information that Clem and Chris hold on the Lower Moreton Bay Islands facebook pages. If a disaster struck now, with cyclone hovering, how many residents are on each Island, no one can agree and I am talking large numbers of residents.

  2. What will happen on all of the Moreton Bay Islands as there are not provisions for this major system? Russell Island is in urgent need of a bridge/causeway please visit the Russell Island Bridge Supporters page and see some truths about the Redland Shire Council. Are we waiting for a transport boat or barge disaster before the Redland Shire Council act? Where are our Council and Government representatives with providing the answers that this group of nearly 1000 rate payers are asking. Please help us. Judith Kerr, your name has been mentioned on that page and we look to you for honest reporting of the rip offs of the Redland Shire Council, Past State Governments and Federal Government.

  3. In Support of L.Sieler ( Opinion Wed 26 Nov ) Constituents of Division 3 would not even notice if the entire Diviision was eliminated as the so called representative has been conspicuous by her absence.All councillors performances should definitely be based on performance & attendance ay meetings but “. If you can’t stand the heat etc” This invisible representative was elected by ratepayers who expect to be represented in all aspects of council activities., not just at her convenience. Mayor needs to look carefully into the attitude & application of certain councillors.