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4 thoughts on “CONTACTS Page

  1. Article in Brisbane Times today 6-2-2015 on perceived corruption.

    The people of Redland City will be first off the block if the ALP keep their word. We the people want to know how Jeff Seeney can say this in the Courier Mail (December 9th, 2013. “We believe local governments are the best placed to make planning decisions according to their local circumstances and their communities and we are EMPOWERING them to do so”,(Planning Minister Jeff Seeney). Just 11 days later (December 20th) He called in the Barro Group Pty Ltd Superquarry at Mt Cotton against the Redland City Council who voted 10 out of 11 councillors to reject it, Two court cases WON by the people and two Councils costing rate payers and people over $600,000, nearly 11,000 submissions and petitions against the quarry with only 26 in favour. Now I ask you, how does Jeff Seeney and the LNP explain this? something very very wrong here. And just to remind everyone for years the LNP fought tooth and nail to stop this quarry, until you guest it, they got elected. We will keep the ALP to its word and we have all the ammunition for a full inquiry and we are all ready to go.

    I have sent in this as a comment in the Brisbane Times ,as we have to keep the ALP to its word for a look at corruption.

  2. This is from a former LNP candidate for Redlands who said in 2006 during that years election campaign and the Mt Cotton Superquarry was being fought, I quote from the official campaign flyer, “No Superquarry, No Toxic Dust, No More Trucks, Stop Risking the Health and Safety of our Children and Families.” Stop Environmental Desecration. Then along came Jeff Seeney and not a word from Dowling, Davies and Robinson, the three monkeys, hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing. More to come. A vote for the LNP is a vote for environmental destruction.

  3. The most environmental destructive MP ever elected to the Queensland Parliament is JEFF SEENEY. Along with the draconian striping of all our environmental safeguards from the state and councils, and making it to hard for the ordinary citizen to appeal. Thanks Jeff for all the wonderful work you have done for your mates the developers. What the LNP and Campbell Newman do not seem to understand, is that by lying to the people that you will give the people and councils the tools to decide what they want in their backyards, you then gave us SEENEY to make sure that it would never happen. It is JEFF SEENEY that could cost you government, he alone has cost the LNP hundreds of thousands of votes.

  4. ON the 12th Jan I wrote to the ALPs Deb Kellie LNPs Matt Mceachal and Sheena Hewlett, asking them what they would do if the Barro Superquarry could not comply with the conditions laid down by the LNPs Jeff Seeney. Would they go out of there way to close him down.As of yet I have one reply from the ALPs Deb Kellie and here it is.


    As you are aware I was one of the 11, 000 residents who both signed the petition, lodged an objection at the Council stage, and with Minister Seeney in respect to the Barro Group’s application to extend the Mt Cotton Quarry. I too was dismayed when Minister Jeff Seeney exercised his “call in” powers under the legislation and approved it.

    Labor remains concerned with the Newman Government’s extensive use of “call in” powers for a variety of development projects, particularly as they were elected with a mandate to delegate more decision making power to Local Governments.

    The Barro Group Quarry Extension Project was rejected by the community and rejected by Redlands City Council with nine out of ten councillors voting against it. It is clear from the level of submissions made by the community during the public submission period that this project was not and is not supported. The community have expressed great concern in regards to the ecological impacts of the project.

    Labor will continue to do what it can to act as a voice for the local community on this issue, and if elected I will ensure that the community’s concerns are clearly articulated on the floor of Parliament.