Residents concerned about Dorsal Drive development plans

Local residents discuss proposed development in Dorsal Drive

Local residents discuss proposed development in Dorsal Drive

On Monday 25 May at 5:30 pm there will be a community meeting at the Mooroondu Sport & Recreation Clubhouse, Thorneside to discuss plans for a proposed four storey residential development in Dorsal Drive Birkdale.

The deadline for making submissions about development application MCU013407 is Thursday 28 May.

Development application for Dorsal Drive in Birkdale

Plan showing site of proposed development (click to enlarge)

Plan showing site of proposed development (click to enlarge)

A development application has been made to Redland City Council to build 26 apartments, over 4 storeys on a 3,153 m2 site between Birkdale Road and Dorsal Drive at Birkdale. The site is located next to a very important waterway and adjacent to the Aquatic Paradise canal with canal views. The proposal indicates the only vehicle access will be from Dorsal Drive which feeds into the roundabout providing access to the Birkdale Fair shopping centre which contains Woolworths and other retailers.

The development proposal is number is MCU013407. Information about this application is available at PD On Line.

The site is zoned for medium density housing with a density indicated by Council documents at a minimum of 200 m2 and a three storey limit. The proposal appears to result in a minimum density of 122 m2 per unit and has four storeys.

Residents’ concerns about the proposed development

Local residents are concerned about:

  • Size of the development relative to the rest of the neighbourhood
  • Impact the apartment block will have on traffic in Dorsal Drive
  • Potential removal of Koala habitat trees
  • Impact on the important waterway which feeds into the canals, is tidal and mitigates upstream flooding.
  • Impact 26 apartments will have on the adjacent sewerage pumping station which has trouble coping during storm events and the impact on the neighbouring property and the amenity of the neighbourhood.

Residents have indicated concensus that they are not against development on the site, so long as it is appropriate for the surrounding neighbourhood.

Community discussion about the proposed development

On Wednesday 20th of May, local Councillor Paul Bishop and local residents coordinated a meeting in Dorsal drive to discuss the proposal and Council’s processes. Approximately 100 residents attended and the general feeling was that everyone objected to the proposal before Council.

A follow-up meeting has been organised with the assistance of Cr Bishop and will be held at 5.30pm on Monday the 25th May at the Mooroondu Sport & Recreation Clubhouse located at Mooroondu Road, Thorneside.

A local committee was formed to represent residents.  Operating under the name Aquatic Paradise Community, it has established  a website and Facebook page.

As many residents as possible are asked to attend the meeting on Monday so that they can understand the process and their rights. This is absolutely critical as the deadline for submissions is Thursday the 28th of May.

The development proposal is number is MCU013407. Information about this application is available at PD On Line.


Anyone making submissions in relation to the Dorsal Drive development application MCU013407 must do so by 28 May 2015.

The recently formed residents committee is preparing a template for a submission in relation to this development application. A copy of the template and other information about making submissions will be made available on the Aquatic Paradise Community website.

Stephen Sharry – 24 May 2015



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One thought on “Residents concerned about Dorsal Drive development plans

  1. Thank you for this post. The wider community will be able to follow and see what a planned over-development can do to a neighbourhood, and this one sitting right on the Bay. Then they can watch to see how council’s officers respond to the many problems and what sort of report is presented to the Councillors. And how they vote. The angst expressed in most of the posts and comments on Redlands2030 come from the fact that it is developers 1, community 0.
    Blind Freddy can guess which side the majority of Councillors are on. Anyone watching closely will see the “has recently been amended(s)”, the side-stepping of an impact assessment, request to change a regulatory provision so koala trees can get the chop, and so on.
    Time to do things properly. This one is a test case.

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