Traffic slowing down on Redlands roads

Traffic on Cleveland Redland Bay Road in March 2016

Traffic on Cleveland-Redland Bay Road in March 2016 – average speeds have fallen in 2017

Cleveland-Redland Bay Road is carrying less traffic but average speeds at morning and afternoon peak times have fallen over the past year according to data just published.

The report, Greater Brisbane key corridors performance January – June 2017, provides information about traffic volumes and average speeds for a number of heavily used roads managed by The Department of Main Roads and Brisbane City Council, including comparisons with the same six month period in 2016.

Old Cleveland Road traffic getting slower

Of interest to some Redlands residents will be the morning trip along Finucane Road and Old Cleveland Road leading into the Brisbane CBD via Stanley Street.

Nearly 60,000 vehicles per day use this route, between Delancey Street in Cleveland and Tilley Road in Chandler.

Average speeds have dropped 14.9% from 52.8 km/hr hour in 2016 to 44.9 km/hr in 2017 during the morning peak period on this part of Old Cleveland Road

Motorists continuing towards the Brisbane CBD experience much slower average speeds during peak periods. West of Creek Road average speeds during the morning peak were 26.2 km/hr, down from 28.5 km/hr in 2016.

By the time a city commuter gets to Stanley Street their car has slowed down to an average speed of 16.8 km/hr, making this the slowest section of road corridor in the Greater Brisbane area.

Cleveland-Redland Bay Road

Cleveland-Redland Bay Road currently carries about 20,000 vehicles per day.

Average speeds during the morning peak period have reduced 5.8% from 48.9 km/hr in 2016 to 46.1 km/hr in 2017.

Afternoon peak period traffic has slowed down 2.4% from 43.3 km/hr in 2016 to 42.3 km/hr in 2017.

Fewer vehicles are using this road with average vehicles per day declining by 7.1% over the year.

The most noticeable drop in usage has occurred during the afternoon peak period with a 9.8% drop in the average number of vehicles per hour.

Traffic volume in the morning peak periods has declined less, by just 3.7%.

About the data

Data in the report is for the six months from January to June in 2017 with figures also given for the same period in 2016.

Traffic is only measured on weekdays, excluding public holidays.

The morning (AM) peak is measured from 6:00am to 9:00am on roads managed by the Department of Main Roads but the peak morning for Brisbane City Council roads is from 7:00 am to 9:00 am.

The afternoon (PM) peak is measured from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

State Infrastructure Plan

The State Infrastructure Plan includes no major upgrades for Cleveland-Redland Bay Road or other major commuter routes used by Redlands residents.

Rail journey times from Cleveland to the Brisbane CBD will reduce by about 14 minutes when the Cross River Rail project is completed, in 2024.

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One thought on “Traffic slowing down on Redlands roads

  1. Not only is traffic for motorists continuing to be slower leaving the Redlands for other destinations particularly in a.m. rush hour traffic where Finucane Rd Capalaba is bumper to bumper winding around from Old Cleveland/Finucane Rds intersection to Windemere Rd Alex Hills, but we are seeing more road trauma as in recent times two crashes resulting in death, occurred at Windemere/Finucane Rd intersection, and yesterday, friend told of passing a crash site opposite Alex Hills Hotel where a car yet to be removed was totally destroyed…and didn’t believe motorist would have survived…but do we read of fatalities in our local Bayside newspaper? Numerous crashes & near misses have occurred on section between Elmhurst St and 4-way intersection where recently a semi-trailer jack-knifed trying to avoid crashing into car at stop lights, slicing off roof and decapitating young female driver. But do we hear or read of horror crashes in our local newspaper?
    Recall a time when, arriving from Carindale, noticed body middle of intersection at Mt Cotton/Moreton Bay Rds intersection Capalaba, contacted Bayside Bulletin reporting what I saw. Followed instructions to write letter to paper, but on noting no comment, called to enquire, only to be told my letter was sent to council. So does RCC decide what the Redland City Bulletin is permitted to report and publish? The journalist also could no longer be contacted. Member for Bowman Andrew Laming informed us of a dedicated bus lane from Carindale-Capalaba but when can we expect to see in Redlands a fast, affordable, transport system to cut down on volume of motor vehicles on already congested roads? As each new housing development is completed, hundreds more motor vehicles, since we are all wedded to our cars, add to the congestion on local suburban roads. Minister for Infrastructure and Main Roads personnel need to make our Redland roads safer to cope with continued growth in Redland City. My view.

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