Redlands residents question population growth

Rapid development in the Redlands is increasing traffic congestion

Rapid development in the Redlands is increasing traffic congestion

Concerned residents write about banning political donations by developers, traffic congestion and the proposed Toondah project and the need for Australia’s politicians to question our immigration policies.

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Australia’s population to reach 100 million people

Gerry Harvey (of Harvey Norman) has made news predicting Australia will host a population of 100 million, predominantly Asians, and that the immigration processes allowing it can’t be stopped.

Where are the checks and balances to support this kind of population growth? What about that birth projections are expected to take this total far beyond (the 100m)?

What will our Australian landscape and lifestyle feel and look like, corralled into tight urban containment zones, and dependent on a very selective supply chain that manipulates supply and demand to artificially maximise profits and create scarcity where none actually exists?

It’s a grim reality that a population of 100 million will come to fruition unless Australians measure their might and political representatives.

So instead of adopting the ‘emu in the sand’ approach …. it’s ‘heads up’ time!

It is a vital period for people to find a voice and exercise opinions that will determine our country’s future.

Dick Smith has recently highlighted the insanity of “endless growth”. Many more people are seeing the costs of rapid population growth and impacts on infrastructure, environment, social harmony and distortions of the economy.


Political donations and property developers

CCC Operation Belcarra public hearings into the 2016 local council elections.

It’s time for the Queensland government to introduce a state-wide ban on donations by property developers. The recent Four Corners episode on ABC-TV detailing the massive amounts of questionable property development occurring on the Gold Coast is only just the tip of the iceberg.

Operation Belcarra conducted by the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) along with the media have found possible evidence of breaches of the law potentially in the Gold Coast, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Ipswich and Logan City Councils.

For all we know, there may be more situations yet to emerge in other councils – or even our own in Redlands as well. But this is a matter for the authorities and investigative reporting.

What is clear to the wider community is that the greed of developers is becoming the norm – much like it was in NSW sometime ago. If unchecked, we will lose much environmental and cultural identity as a people. We cannot let this happen.

This is why it is important that we as a community band together to petition the state government and all state MPs – including the Opposition to seriously consider introducing a ban on political donations from property groups, like the one in NSW.

A question we must all face is this: if we allow ourselves to be bought out by foreign corporate interest and greedy property developers what will be left of our sovereignty and way of life?

Callen Sorensen – Karklis

Toondah Harbour lobbying ignores Redlands congestion

Lang Walker’s Toondah proposal gets lobbying support from the Property Council of Australia

For locals involved in fighting against major over-development of harbour, marine environment and surrounding area, who may not have read the Courier Mail on this issue recently, the following are excerpts from article on what Property Council State boss Chris Mountford has agreed to on behalf of we, the people of Redlands. It seems the community has no say and I quote:

“Top Property Council State lobbyist, Chris Mountford, has gone to bat for billionaire developer Lang Walker in his bid to get a green light for his highly controversial $1.4 billion project in Brisbane.

He has submitted to the Federal Government in favour of Walker Corporation’s long-stalled proposal to utterly remake Toondah Harbour in Cleveland. Walker wants to build up to 3,600 new homes, ferry terminal, marina for up to 400 vessels and retail precinct in stages over 20 years.

Environmentalists allege proposed dredging and reclamation of land would destroy the habitat now used by endangered migratory shorebirds. Walker maintains there is minimal disruption for wildlife and Mountford agrees, describing public land in the area as ‘’under-utilised’.”

By apparent pure coincidence, Walker was inducted into the ‘Australian Property Hall of Fame’ earlier this year”.

What Messrs Mountford and Walker don’t mention in promoting unending growth of a specific area, is the impact on the local community in many ways…one being from traffic pressure with resulting congestion that comes with growth.

Serious discussions need to be undertaken with State government officials that includes Minister for Infrastructure, Jackie Trad, along with Main Roads personnel to determine how our already congested local roads, (where road rage was witnessed on Mt Cotton Rd a.m. rush hour, plus numerous car crashes resulting in deaths and injuries), will cope with thousands of new polluting motor vehicles from new housing estates entering the Redlands suburban roadway system today and near future.

There is much talk about need for population growth by politicians, but a deathly silence on traffic issues, results of which affect every one of us who live in Redlands as we go about our daily lives.

Amy Glade

Letters published by Redlands2030 – 24 September 2017

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3 thoughts on “Redlands residents question population growth

  1. Big Boys comment might include why CCC only acts on recent events? What about all the other ICC companies , Boards, Trusts and Commercial Agreements? How can the Ipswich Community groups RTI such a secret organisation? Maybe seek Premiers Department dispensation and use the Information Commissioner?

  2. The comments by Callen on political donations should be taken in several other directions.

    The successes of ICAC 2010-2015 against corruption have been formidable with “no contribution by developers laws” ,before Mike Baird clipped their wings and budget . There is an ICAC now group in Qld in 2017.

    The” Game of Mates ” is compulsory reading with a need for everyone to find the new deals for the next book . Try City Deals , more Ipswich City Council companies, more PDAs ,Crown Lands , & $5M Land Supply Report 2018.

    The corruption and bad governance in Local Councils is so bad that to protect staff a Qld Local Government Reform Alliance was set up in 2014.

    Watch Qld Government Hansard for items tabled on Local Government corruption by Rob Pyne
    Independent Member for Cairns .

    The scope of Coastal Development landclearing and corruption Cooloongatta to Cairns should have 4 Corners camped permanently at ABC Southbank . The Waste expose at Ipswich missed the other dumps and toxic timebombs at several sites (4)in Swanbank .

    • Did anyone else note today’s CM on the report into the trouble-plagued Ipswich City Council’s veil of secrecy?
      ” a swag of practices that have fostered a culture of secrecy”
      Well, well!

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