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Letters to Redlands2030 include the need for an after hours vet in the Redlands, comment on the recent state election and a response to comments made by Cr Paul Gleeson.

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I write in response to the article describing Councillor Paul Gleeson’s recent efforts to have “activist organisations like Redlands2030, CARP and the Koala Action Group banned from making political donations or taking part in election campaigns”

Through these words and deeds, Councillor Gleeson is demonstrating what we have long suspected, that is – he appears to perceive the community as his enemy. We believe this has arisen because Councillor Gleeson, together with the Mayor and her other supporting Councillors, appears to represent and promote the outcomes sought by the development industry – in spite of the community having clearly and consistently indicated strong preferences to the contrary.

Thus it appears these Councillors have placed themselves in opposition to the prevailing community view.

The Redlands Community Plan 2030 Vision Statement (p6) says “We will lead Australia by acknowledging there are limits to population growth and having our planning documents reflect this…” and thousands of community submissions have been made, time and time again over the years, to this effect – only to be ignored. The Council’s Planning Schemes and planning decisions have turned against the community’s desire “…to ensure the legacy of this beautiful place for future generations…” (also p6) and instead supported the unending population growth that fuels the development industry.

CARP does not make political donations. Since its inception in 2004, the Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc has campaigned to raise community awareness and enable the community to have its voice heard, whenever it was apparent that the people’s wishes were not being upheld. We campaign in particular, during the statutory public consultation processes that are a requirement in all land-use planning and we also campaign during local government elections to let the community know which councillors are supporting the community’s vision – and which are not.

We are able to do this because we live in a democracy. When Councillor Gleeson chooses to champion the outcomes the community seeks, he will find he has the full backing of CARP.

And if ever Redland City Council chooses to do the same, there will be no further need for CARP to exist.   We look forward to this day.

L Wood
Community Alliance for Responsible Planning (CARP) Redlands Inc

Redlands needs an after hours veterinarian

Route from Redland Bay to the after hours vet service in Manly

Redlands needs an after hours vet.  The suggestion was made to me by the Manly after hours vet.  We need to petition Council to try and facilitate an after hours vet in the city.

Here we are a city, and nowhere to take an injured or poisoned animal in an emergency situation.

Next door is a rental property and they have a dog, a lively Jack Russell. Her owner was called while holidaying in Bali cutting her stay a day short due to her dog being bitten by a snake in back yard.

Carers let her out after dark for a pee and never answered call to return.  She was found vomiting, etc and taken to vet at Manly which is, of course in Brisbane City.

They thought it was the bite of a brown snake but due to the length of time it took to get the animal treated, there is much damage to the liver.

Medication does not seem to have helped…and it saddened me as this little dog was often at my home as company for my dog while family were at work.

Manly isn’t so far to drive from Capalaba but as the city keeps growing travel times to Manly from say Redland Bay are becoming untenable.

Fay said Manly vet is well equipped for any kind of emergency or operation…open all hours.


 Suggestions for a new MP

Redlands MP Kim Richards

Kim Richards – on Coochiemudlo for Flinders Day earlier this year

I would like to congratulate Kim Richards on being elected as the Member for Redlands.

I feel she owes her success in the state election to Annastacia Palaszczuk, who came out very strongly against both One Nation and the $1 billion of taxpayer money for Adani.

Tim Nicholls, on the other hand, wanted the taxpayers to fully fund Adani and he also exhibited ignorance to the wishes of the voters in Queensland.

I think that had Jackie Trad had been the ALP leader the result may have been very different.

Trad has done absolutely nothing to help the road congestion in the Redlands and she was supporting a large commercial development beside Toondah Harbour that would have increased congestion and been environmentally damaging.

Further, the Walker Corporation’s Toondah Proposal goes against Labor’s Environment Policy.

It would be good to see policy compliance in the Government’s new term, so it should be bye-bye Toondah!

Victoria Point

Redlands2030 – 14 December 2017

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3 thoughts on “Redlands residents’ letters to the editor

  1. You have to wonder about the integrity of any local authority which spruiks its Koala population and then allows fireworks in their habitat!
    -And when will they enforce their own rules about keeping dogs on leashes ?

    JK Cleveland

  2. Carp’s response to Cr Gleeson puts the question to him…where is the evidence. If he has proof of the funding sources he asserts …put it on the table.

    As to secrecy…he is part of a Council which has taken secrecy, and commercial in confidence arrangements to a new level. The RCC keeps much so much under the table or behind closed doors that the actual meetings are a sad joke.

  3. An article above in R2030 talks about the need for an after hours veterinarian in the Redlands since so many residents have pets and we also have dangerous animals like snakes and fruit bats which carry the Hendra Virus. I fully agree and there is also another concern which requires some regulation. Some vet clinics also act as boarding kennels but at least some are not attended after hours, so if there is a problem with your pet there may be no one on site to attend to it. This happened to us in 2014 when we left our beautiful 7 year old Golden Retriever at the Redlands Vet Clinic just near the large round-about at the junction of Boundary Rd and Cleveland-Redland Bay Rd, Victoria Point. We assumed someone lived on site since they have horses, dogs and cats boarding over-night. Our dog stayed for 4 days and during that time there was a big storm with lightening and thunder. You can imagine the effect on the closely confined horses and dogs. When we returned to collect our normally well behaved Golden Retriever it would not stop barking and the fellow who I assumed was a vet, turned out to be the boyfriend of the vet. He mentioned to us there had been two complaints from neighbours because of the barking. When I asked did he try to calm her during the storm he replied that the staff go home at night. So why are they taking large sums of money for boarding if they are really just a vet clinic with no one on site at night? The mental stress our dog suffered stayed with her for months and she developed a severe abdominal complaint and had to be put down 8 months later. We wrote to Redlands Vet Clinic but didn’t receive a reply. So it appears we need an after hours vet clinic and better regulation of boarding facilities in the Redlands. Two registered boarding kennels in the Redlands agree with me and state further that some vet clinics are not equipped or registered to take in pets as boarders.

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