Redlands land supply – enough for 10 years?

Land for development

Land earmarked for development

Redland City has enough “broadhectare”  land to meet ten years demand for new residential dwellings according to a recently released Government study.

Broadhectare land is defined in the study report as the amount of unconstrained residential land under the current planning scheme including existing residential developments approved by council.

10,100 dwellings could be yielded from available broadhectare land with just under half assumed to be from high density developments. Depending on the rate of population growth, this could supply Redland City’s requirements for the next 9-12 years.

The Government’s study did not factor in any additional dwellings that might result from possible developments in the  Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek Priority Development Areas.

The Government has mapped 595 hectares of broadhectare land available for residential development in Redland City which can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail image below.

Broadhectare study 2013 - Redland City map

Broadhectare study 2013 – Redland City map

Questions for the Redlands community going forward include:

  • Should the Redlands “take its share” of population growth in south east Queensland?
  • How should Redland City accommodate more people – increasing residential density? develop new areas? or both?
  • Who should provide and pay for the infrastructure (roads, water supply, libraries, parks etc) if new residential areas are developed?
  • Which parts of the Redlands are priority conservation areas that should not be developed e.g. koala habitat? Moreton Bay’s Ramsar wetlands?

For further information about the Government’s 2013 land supply study go to the following information which was released in March 2014:

Broadhectare study 2013 profile Redland City

South East Queensland Broadhectare study 2013


Redlands2030 – 5 June 2014

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One thought on “Redlands land supply – enough for 10 years?

  1. This map proves no immediate need exists for the Shoreline project to go ahead for years to come if at all. Much already available residential vacant land on the Southern Moreton bay Islands is not even marked on this map so another 5 years supply of land for building is available right now.

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