Redlands election results as at close of counting on polling day – updated Sunday 7:00 pm

Williams will fix traffic congestion

Williams will tackle traffic congestion

Incumbent Karen Williams looks likely to be reelected as Mayor of Redland City. With nearly half the vote counted she has 57.24% of the formal votes, challenger Greg Underwood has 42.76%.

Here is a link to Redlands mayoral results on the ECQ website.

Update 7:00 pm Sunday

Noteworthy changes to the vote count during Sunday:

  • In Division 2, votes counted is 76% with a slight gain for Peter Mitchell to 46.16%
  • In Division 4, votes counted is 49% , Lance Hewlett still well in front with 65.66%

In Division 9, votes for Coolnwynpin  booth have not been posted. Paul Gleeson is claiming a substantial majority at this booth which would make this a line ball contest.

Election for councillors

It may take some time to find out the exact makeup of the next Redland City Council.

Information presented below is based on votes counted by the end of polling day. To get the latest available results from ECQ, click on the division number hyperlink.

Incumbents are polling well in six of the ten divisions:

  • Division 1 Wendy Boglary has 61% with 53% of the roll counted
  • Division 4 Lance Hewlett has 66% with 33% counted
  • Division 5 Mark Edwards has 72% with 48% counted
  • Division 6 Julie Talty has 56% with 42% counted
  • Division 7 Murray Elliott has 53% with 49% counted
  • Division 10 Paul Bishop has 72% with 54% counted

In Division 2 with 47% counted, votes are:

  • Peter Mitchell 44.7%
  • Craig Ogilvie (incumbent) 33.65%
  • Tom Taranto 21.64%

In Division 3 with 47% counted, votes are:

  • Paul Golle 47.05%
  • Penny Donald 30.06%
  • Karyn Owen 12.99%
  • Troy Robbins 9.89%.

In Division 8 with only 24% counted, votes are:

  • Tracey Huges 43.35%
  • Alan Beard (incumbent) 41.57%
  • Kathy Reimers 15.07%

In Division 9 with 32% counted:

  • Jesse McNamara 57.59%
  • Paul Gleeson (incumbent) 42.41%

Here is a link to the index for Redlands councillor results on the ECQ website.


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2 thoughts on “Redlands election results as at close of counting on polling day – updated Sunday 7:00 pm

  1. For sure, politics is a dirty game. Living close to 4-way intersection Capalaba Finucane/Old Cleveland Rd East, noted mainly huge signs of Mayor Williams and where for example, Tracey Huges had several on Old Cleveland Rd E close to intersection, they all disappeared overnight likewise, those of Greg Underwood, not a well known figure in Redland City but whose signs also vanished/trashed overnight keeping evil doers busy. My sister lives in Wellington Manor and wanted to know what Greg Underwood looked like plus many others not seeing signs other than those of Mayor Williams mainly.
    I am of the opinion Qld Electoral Commission need to prevent nursing home residents from voting. For example, I visited 90-yr old friend in CapellaBay Aged Care Home at 1 Brewer St entry, Capalaba, asked friend Heather, (who advised 2 males escorted residents into a room to vote)….’who did you vote for?’ Reply: ‘wouldn’t have a clue’.
    Also, had residents been aware of Greg Underwood’s credentials, feel certain he would have been elected as Mayor having been in the past General Manager of Redland Council when a Shire, with engineering background, of major importance, considering our roads crisis.
    Part of Mr Underwood’s engineering accomplishments, was establishing over a 2-yr period a magnificent water park in Cairns…frequented by people of all ages, by the Esplanade with its many eateries, etc. and considered THE place for tourists. Seems with Karen Williams retaining her seat, will, as she tells us ‘Mayor Williams fix traffic congestion’ on major roads, etc etc. and will she continue to rely heavily on a well heeled development industry? Time will tell.

  2. Clearly the public have spoken! But that is after BIG MONEY has screamed .
    Regardless of who finally wins [sic] ( read gets (re)hired to run the council … represents the ALL of VOTERS). And given the paucity of information from the Mayor’s team they clearly do NOT have a mandate to rule i.e. follow their arcane and myopic ideology.
    One should note that the council is not a party (mayors team or others team) run. It is and was intended to be an independent representative group. Other wise it would have been like the Brisbane Council party based ( with clear plans, promises and ideologies).
    Given the interference of power groups … large property owners whose main goal is to make profits from the land ( read land speculators) and developers ( again speculators).
    Then there’s the massive imbalance in the amounts of money available to the competing groups
    i.e the combined speculators V the people who are actual voters. it is a nonsense to suggest that the election was fair or even between two equals…. so much for Democracy.
    Added to that the actual relevant educative competence I can say confidently this council is run by the ignorant and inexperienced in running a public entity … to my knowledge there is only one councillor whose background is sound and appropriate… and he is not in the Mayor’s team.

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