Which issues do Redlanders care about?

Which issues will influence how you vote in the state election?

Which issues will influence how you vote?

On 25 November Queensland will elect a new government after a 28 day election campaign featuring stunts, slogans and sound bites.

Some parties will publish policies and make promises and some of them may intend to do what they say. But will the candidates competing for Redlands voters be dealing with the issues important to our local community?

Election issues – which ones are important?

Help us find out what the key issues are in the Redlands by picking from the following list.

These are issues, not plans or policies (links to party policies are provided below the poll).

Pick any number from just one to all of them (if you think they are all important to you).

This is your chance to tell the politicians what they should be talking about while campaigning.

Which issues will influence your state election vote?

If you think we’ve missed a big issue from this list let us know, by email to thereporter@Redlands2030.net

Election policies

Plans and policies of political parties are available on their websites.

It’s worth taking a close look at these policies. Here are some examples of what parties say:

  • The number of state parliamentarians will be cut from 91 to 45 if Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party wins government.
  • Tenants will have the right to have a pet in their rental property if the Greens can implement their policies.
  • Family First supports the creation of community based schools or transfer of public schools into community ownership, so as to minimise state interference in the operation of schools.
  • The LNP will progress a business case for a SEQ Very Fast Train network linking the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay.
  • Labor will ensure coastal development is managed sustainably, for current and future generations, by considering the social and environmental impacts in addition to the economic benefits.

Links to the policy statements of the main parties are provided below:

Find the candidates

If you want to find out which candidates are running in your electorate check our recent post:

State Election: Candidates in the Redlands


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5 thoughts on “Which issues do Redlanders care about?

  1. There are numerous issues of importance to comment on but will focus on environment and aged care.
    1. Koalas cannot survive without food trees. Therefore, planning has to change where koala habitat trees are preserved and our wildlife valued. The environment levy was set up by first mayor Eddie, for the purpose or purchasing areas of significance to local communities as needed.
    2. RCC thankfully did not sell a dozen plus neighbourhood parks and reserves which now must be, and appear to be, cared for. My neighbourhood park officially named Little Hyde Park, but referred to by council staff as Chantelle Crt…easiest to reach from Finucane/Elmhurst St intersection. After 30+ years this park is undergoing upgrading of play equipment for the young, but to my dismay, request for including some form of exercise apparatus for carers, was not included, as seen in Brisbane City parks.
    I would like to see Redlands council follow the example of Brisbane City council in providing for carers since there is a crying need today for foster carers as seen on large posters in both Capalaba Park and Central shops this past week. I met with foster carer in my local park who informed me the boy on swing abt 10 yrs of age, thought he was on holiday with her, but would be staying permanently as both parents were drug addicted. This is a familiar story particularly where the drug ‘ice’ is used bringing about instant addiction…leading to family breakdowns and more children needing to be placed into care. Give carers in local parks some form of exercise equipment while at the same time looking after youngsters in care. Surely this is not asking too much?

    • I was hasty in what I said about giving consideration to carers when taking their youngsters to my neighbourhood park. Ficus trees (6) surrounding playground area I helped establish working together with council parks people, in late 1980s, have been mercilessly butchered with green, cool, canopy all but gone. Visiting site this morning 8:00 a.m. noted seating for carers that had been shaded, are now in full sun. We can expect a blistering hot summer, yet council’s power saw wielding cowboys have over reduced in places. We need cool, shady places in parks that encourages carers and children to enjoy their stay in comfort.
      Sign by entry end Chantelle Crt reads: “enjoy, don’t destroy”. The sign applies to local residents, not Council’s power saw wielding cowboy mulch makers it seems to me. Can we, the local residents surrounding this particular park, expect to see a good end result when works are completed? We wait and see…

  2. I wish to correct the record on one sentence I wrote yesterday about the Queensland State Elections coming up on 25th November. I have no evidence of any councillor receiving donations from the Walker Corporation for the Toondah Harbour Proposal though it is on record that donations have been received by both the LNP and Qld Labor Government. I have made enquiries since writing the article yesterday and there is no record of any councillor at Redland City Council receiving any donations from the Walker Corporation. It does seem strange that some councillors are heavily backing this commercial development before it has even gone to the Federal Environment Minister for checking but that does not mean they have received donations. In fact a number of the councillors refuse to be involved with any donations from housing developers because it presents a “conflict of interest.”

  3. As the Qld State Election approaches in less than a month many of us are disillusioned with both the LNP and State Labor. Neither have done anything to improve congestion on our major roads in the Redlands and both appear to support an environmentally damaging commercial unit development over a protected Ramsar Migrating Shore-bird Zone at Toondah Harbour by a commercial developer, Lang Walker. He has paid generous donations to both politicians and selected councillors and he has them in his pocket. Some months ago I was so disillusioned with the major Parties that I offered my candidature to One Nation, on condition that they re-think certain policies. As a senior biologist I know that “Climate Change” is a very real issue despite the scoffing remarks by people such as Malcolm Roberts and Tony Abbott. One Nation was more concerned with making me sign a form to confirm I would pay them $250,000 if I retracted my candidature in the first 12 months. When I stressed “Climate Change” and the threat to the GBR I received a 2-word reply “Good-bye.” They also support an Adani Mine in Qld with $1 billion of taxpayer money to a multi-millionaire who disregards the environment completely. No thanks.

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