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Redlands2030 Inc. is a Queensland incorporated not-for-profit association providing a forum for people concerned about local government and planning in Redland City.

CONTACT US by email to thereporter@redlands2030.net

We believe that the community’s values, as set out in our Redlands 2030 Community Plan, should guide major planning and development decisions within our Redlands.

These values include:

  • Widespread community involvement in determining the future of the Redlands
  • Sustainable economic development
  • Respect for our natural environment

The current Redlands2030 Community forum coordinators are three local residents experienced in project management, regional planning and scientific research:

Chris Walker
Steve MacDonald

Tom Taranto

Note: Tom Taranto was a founding member of Redlands2030. He decided to nominate as a candidate in the upcoming local council election for Division 2 Cleveland and North Stradbroke. It is his democratic right to do so. However, before nominating as a candidate, he resigned his membership of Redlands2030 to ensure that there could be no perception of any conflict of interest between his political aspirations and Redlands2030’s editorial policies.

Questions, posts and/or images can be submitted by email to thereporter@redlands2030.net

We welcome your involvement and support. Please subscribe to our Newsletter and help inform others by sharing our posts to your friends using email, Facebook and/or Twitter.

We expect that our elected Councillors and Mayor make decisions that the Redlands Community value.

Redlands2030 is about our Redlands. Our experience at Toondah Harbour taught us that Mayor Karen Williams, MP Mark Robinson, the Council and the State government all need to be watched carefully. Whether its Cleveland, Straddie, Mount Cotton or the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, it doesn’t matter – we are paying attention.

Election Material

Any election material published on this website is authorised by Steve MacDonald of 104 Channel Street Cleveland

Please note: Offensive or off-topic comments will be deleted. If offended by any published comment please email thereporter@redlands2030.net

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7 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Good work guys. Finally someone is standing up against the policies that are destroying & vandalising the Redlands as we know it. God Bless & God Speed.

  2. Have you ever thought that Government spend money on infrastructure where there is population growth, the real reason why Redland City (not Shire) receive little funding is our population. We are the smallest City in SEQ, we are insignificant to the State, we are a joke, our small LNP dominated City does not inspire a Labor State Government waste their vote buying dollars on us. Even main roads are put off dealing with Redland City due to the continual interference of the Greens. Redland people need to loose their we special attitude, we are only a tiny City between the expanding metropolis, think about it. A highway that is required now was blocked 20 years ago.

    • I agree the state government doesn’t give us significant priority to upgrade our roads. It doesn’t matter if it’s Liberal or Labour. I don’t agree that Redlanders should drop our “we are special attitude” because actually ‘we are special’. Just because we are a small city, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t a ‘great’ city. Big or small, every city deserves the best government support to create a balanced, happy, functioning society. It’s just a shame that neither the state government nor our local council are doing that for us. So we now we have to help ourselves.

  3. Hi guys,

    You are invited to a residents’ meeting at 9 Caldwell Close Thornlands commencing at 6.00pm on Tuesday 26th May 2015 to discuss the potential impact on the residents of Rushwood Estate over the proposed Ausbuild development at 35-41 Wrightson Road Thornlands.

    We are expecting a considerable turnout from concerned residents regarding a proposal namely: the ROL005873 (Standard Format Reconfiguration – 1 into 43 lots, over 2 stages) submitted to the Redlands City Council on the 22.1.2015.

    A preliminary survey of Rushwood Estate residents has established the following as matters of concern regarding this proposed development.

    1. Rushwood Estate and Caldwell Close have been identified as the Access point for Construction of the proposed ROL005873 development.
    2. The cancellation of an existing easement adjacent to Caldwell Close
    3. The establishment of Caldwell Close as the main Access point for the new proposed estate ROL005873
    4. Caldwell Close & Carlingford Drive Streets are simply not designed to handle the loads required for construction of a new estate
    5. Caldwell Close & Carlingford Drive are not designed to cope with the added burden of another 100 plus cars that may result of the initial Ausbuild development.
    6. The amount of native wildlife that inhabits the area will be negatively affected – The local Wallaby community will be affected by the extinguishment of the easement.
    7. Existing Congestion is already at peak levels along Carlingford Drive.
    8. Accidents and Incidents at the Intersection of Carlingford Drive and Panorama Drive seem to be weekly events without adding further cars to the equation.

    I have attached a copy of a pamphlet that has been circulated and discussed amongst the local Rushwood Community over the past week.

    I have personally been approached by many who feel let down by Council and do not want this application to be approved.

    If you have any specific questions regarding this event you can contact me any time on M: 0418 315 214

    Kind regards,

    Daniel Kohler
    13 Caldwell Close, Thornlands
    0418 315 214

  4. This is what I sent out and said on the 16th September, 2013, three months before Jeff Seeney called in the Superquarry in favour of the Barro Group of Mt Cotton. In the words of Philip Marlow in the Singing Detective, “Was I right or Was I right” This why David Koegh and I went to the Senate Inquiry about Jeff Seeneys call in and asked them to press the new Labour Government to have a full public inquiry into the Barro application. We will be asking you, the public to back us for the same reasons. If it stinks then something is rotton.

    Subject: Nostradamus on Barro
    Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2013 11:39:49 +1000

    I an speaking to you in the future and I pray I am sending you the wrong message.
    This is a short version of my thoughts that I have had for a while. Sometime after
    the 26th September 2013 a minister MP Jeff Seeney in the Campbell Newman LNP
    Queensland Government, will announce that he is calling all the various interest
    groups together to discuss the best possible way to solve the Barro Group Pty Ltd.’s
    application for a new superquarry in beautiful Mt Cotton, Queensland. I am of the
    belief that a dedicated group of locals who fought their hearts out for nine years,
    lost the fight even before the Barro group bought the site for their new quarry.
    Thousands of right to information (RTI) documents, meetings with heads of state,
    meeting with department heads, town hall type meeting with councillors, protests
    outside the Parliament, 8500 submissions and petitions plus a 2000 post card campaign
    and many many more trying efforts, I believe the Barro Group will get what it set out
    to do from day one. The Redland City Council has twice refused this application the
    vote on these two occasions was 18-3 against yet still the government is thinking of
    calling it in in favour of the Barro Group. IT is my believe, although I have no proof
    that the Barro group has, through one way or another donated monies to the LNP
    and others, and that a deal has been made to approve the quarry, with certain
    restrictions. It is also my believe and mine only that certain people in council and MPs
    along with other members of the LNP made this decision a long time ago. Certain
    Councillors will come out looking clean and state they did their best for the people
    but that was the best they could do. Once again I hope I am wrong, time will tell.
    Keep this with you and we will get together after the fact.
    kind regards Luke Daglish. this day 16-9-2013.

  5. Can you trust the LNP especially JEFF SEENEY?

    This from Jeff Seeney May 30th 2013 in the Bayside Bulletin on calling in the Barro Mt Cotton Superquarry. I am not adverse to “calling in” projects I believe are being jeopardised by vocal
    “minority groups” and i will act on the guidance from elected representatives including council and local MPs. Here is a list of some of the vocal “minority groups”.

    1, 10 of the 11 “Redland City counsellors” voted against the Barro aplication.(5-6-2013)
    2, Against the quarry LNPs “Peter Dowling” The reporter (24-2-2010).
    3, The then Mayor of Brisbane “Campell Newman” ( letter dated 16-8-2007).
    4, Coalition and former State President of the Liberal Party “M Caltabiano” (22-7-2006).
    5, Former LNP coalition candidate for Redlands, “Russell Biddle” (August 2006).
    6, Former LNP coalition candidate for Springwood “Peter Collins” (22-7- 2006).
    7, The present LNP MP for Springwood, “John Grant” (8-9-2006).
    8, The present Federal MP for Bowman “Andrew Leming” (11-10-2006).
    9, The present Liberal Deputy Mayor of Brisbane “Adrian Schrinner” (23-3-2007).
    10 The Mayor of Redland City, twice rejected the Superquarry “K Williams” (25-7-2007).
    11 The Mayor of Lgan City “Graham Able” (22-9-2006).
    12 The New Mayor of Logan City ” Pam Parker”

    13, One must not forget the 11,000 petitions and submissions put in by the good people of Queensland, who over a period of ten years fought to protect the best place in Redland City to save our wild life and the home to thousands of our Australian creaturers, including the 30 koalas on the Barro Quarry site. After all this, there was only 26 in favour of the aplication and one Man had the last word and voted in favour of the Barro Group, that man was, and never foreget this name JEFF SEENEY