Redland City’s most popular dogs

Golden retriever doing what comes naturally

Redland City is a great place for dogs to live work and play. We have thousands of them, all different shapes and sizes.

Detailed data about Redland City’s dog population has been obtained from the Council through a Right to Information (RTI) Request. This information (the Dog Files) became publicly available when it was published by the Council in its RTI Disclosure Log.

It can now be revealed that 23,400 dogs are registered in Redland City. More than 230 different breeds are included in the Council’s records, but 70% of the total dog population belongs to just 20 breeds.

Presented below, in reverse rank order, are Redland City’s most popular dog breeds – our top twenty.

For information about these dog breeds, click on the breed name below the photo. The word source below each photo links to the photo’s source and any conditions for its use.

Popular dog breeds in Redland City 17th to 20th places

Bichon Frise equal 19th/20th source

Beagle 18th place source

Boxer 17th place source

Popular dog breeds in Redland City 13th to 16th places

Fox Terrier 16th place source

Rottweiler 15th place source,_Nina,_Doralice.jpg

Chihuahua 13th place source

Most popular dog breeds in Redland City 9th to 12th places

Kelpie 10th place source

Shih Tzu 9th place source

Most popular dog breeds in Redland City 5th to 8th places

Poodle (all sizes) 7th place source

Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler) 6th place source

Most popular dog breeds in Redland City

Labrador 3d place source

Maltese 2nd most popular source

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The most popular dog breed in the Redlands is the  Staffordshire Bull Terrier or “Staffy”


More reports using Information obtained through RTI

In October 2014, Redlands2030 published a report based on Redland City Council’s staff feedback surveys, obtained through a Right to Information (RTI) request. Here is a link to this report which was titled:
Council staff ‘struggling under pressure’

Redlands2030 – 31 March 2015

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  1. with 23,400 dogs registered in Redlands, that is a lot of rego fees, why haven’t we got more dog off leash areas, especially dog beach off leash,

  2. How many RCC owned blocks of land are there on the 4 main Southern Moreton Bay Islands please? What is the current population of each of those Islands? I believe this is available on RTI? Thank you.

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