Redland City PlanningAlerts now available

PlanningAlerts can warn resident of proposed developments before the earthmoving starts

PlanningAlerts can warn residents of proposed developments before the earthmoving starts

Lots of developments in Redland City are approved for construction without publicity.

Residents can be surprised when heavy earthmoving machinery rumbles into their street at 6:00 am to start work on a new development.

Under the current Redland City planning scheme, many developments are “Code Assessable” which means that the public is not made aware of what is being planned by developers and approved by the Council.

Only when developments are “Impact Assessable” is there a requirement for plans to be publicly advertised, including by display of a notice on the site where building work is proposed.

PlanningAlerts can provide early warning

PlanningAlerts lets you  know when someone has submitted a development application in an area important to you.

How to get PlanningAlerts

Where to get PlanningAlerts

To help residents learn of any submitted Development Applications (DAs) in their area, Redlands2030  has worked with the OpenAustralia Foundation to reactivate the ‘PlanningAlerts’ system for Redland City.

PlanningAlerts is a service which regularly searches Council websites. It sends emails to subscribers with details and links to any development applications near a specified address. The aim is to enable the public to scrutinise and formally comment on what is being built (or knocked down) in their community – specifically, in areas important to them.

Receive emails about development applications


Typical PlanningAlerts email

If you would like to be kept in the loop and receive an email when development applications are submitted for properties in your zone of interest then Sign-up.

After you have subscribed (and confirmed your email address) you will receive PlanningAlerts emails when any development submissions to the Council in your nominated area of interest have been recorded in the Council’s publicly searchable records (see image).

Typically, the area that you might want email alerts for would be near your home address, and any other property that you own or have an interest in. You can have more than one address nominated for email alerts.

Change search size (click to enlarge)

Change the size of the area

For any address that you are interested in you can choose to be notified about developments:

  • very close to you (within 200 metres of a nominated address)
  • in your neighbourhood (within 800 metres)
  • in your suburb (within 2 kilometres)

The PlanningAlert emails that you receive will contain links to where you can ‘change the size’ of the area you’re interested in (see image) or to simply ‘unsubscribe from alerts for this address’.

Searching for information about development applications

Using the Search function of PlanningAlerts

Using the Search function of PlanningAlerts

You can also search to find out about any existing plans for developments near a specified address.

TO DO A SIMPLE SEARCH – click Search.

It is also possible to simply browse all Redland’s recently captured development applications.

Using the information

Example of information obtained through PlanningAlerts

Example of information obtained through PlanningAlerts

For any address that you have been alerted to by an email, or a search, you can find out more about the development. Just click on any address provided by PlanningAlerts to see:

  • location of the property in Google Maps
  • a ‘Read more’ link to Council’s records for that development application (in Redland City this is the PD Online database)

The PlanningAlert system also give you the ability to add your own comment which is then sent on to Council as a formal submission.

More information about how the Redland City Council’s data is captured is available HERE.

PlanningAlerts is provided by the OpenAustralia Foundation as a  free community service and can be accessed directly from the Redlands2030 website.

Where to get PlanningAlerts

Where to get PlanningAlerts

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  1. We would like to alert the community about a proposed 6 story apartment complex on the corner of Peel and Esplanade, Redland bay.This proposed monstrosity is well outside the town plan in this area, which stipulates 3 stories,and would be such an eye sore ,and destroy the ambiance of the fore shore.

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