Redland City places of heritage significance

Fernleigh with views over G.J. Walter Park is listed in the Queensland Heritage Register

Fernleigh with views over G.J. Walter Park is listed in the Queensland Heritage Register

Redland City’s non-indigenous heritage includes a number of places officially recognised in the Queensland Heritage Register.

There are also a number of places in Redland City which are recognised as being of local heritage significance.

Redland City places in the Queensland Heritage Register

Listed below are the 23 places in Redland City which have been entered into the Queensland Heritage Register.

Decisions about which places are to be included in the Queensland Heritage Register are made by the Queensland Heritage Council which is an independent agency established under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

The place names are hyperlinked to the relevant entry in the Queensland Heritage Register where more information is available.

Place Location Dates constructed
Dunwich Convict Causeway Junner Street, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island 1827
Public Reserve incorporating the Privy Pit and Site of Convict Barracks and Store Junner Street, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island 1827–1828
Dunwich Cemetery Bingle Road, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island 1847–1952
Fernleigh 73 Shore Street East, Cleveland 1850–1880
Grandview Hotel 49 North Street, Cleveland 1852
Ye Olde Court House Restaurant 1 Paxton Street, Cleveland 1853–1977
Ormiston House Estate Wellington Street, Ormiston 1858–1865
Cleveland Hotel (former) 109 Shore Street North, Cleveland 1860–1940
Norfolk Island Pine Trees 127 Shore Street North, Cleveland 1860
Cleveland Lighthouse Shore Street North, Cleveland Point 1864–1865
St Andrews Church Wellington Street, Ormiston 1868
Industrial Ruins, south end of Macleay Island Cliff Terrace, Macleay Island  1869–1871
Whepstead Main Road, Wellington Point 1870–1889
St Pauls Anglican Church Cross Street, Cleveland 1873–1924
Peel Island Peel Island, Moreton Bay 1873-1948
Redland Bay State School Residence Gordon Road, Redland Bay 1885
St Mark’s Anglican Church and Dunwich Public Hall Junner Street, Dunwich, North Stradbroke Island 1907–1913
Serpentine Creek Road Cemetery 398-408 Serpentine Creek Road, Redland Bay 1890–1945
Lamb Island Pioneer Hall Lucas Drive, Lamb Island 1924–1930
Cleveland Police Station and Court House (former) 1 Passage Street, Cleveland 1934–1935
Point Lookout Foreshore East Coast Road, Point Lookout, North Stradbroke Island unknown
Ormiston Fellmongery Sturgeon Street, Ormiston unknown
Cleveland No.1 Cemetery Lisa Street, Cleveland unknown

This information was obtained from a search of the Queensland Heritage Register on 17 August 2015.

Local Heritage Register

Redland City Planning Scheme includes as Schedule 4 a Heritage Places Register.

Maps showing places of heritage interest can be accessed on the Redland City Council website.


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4 thoughts on “Redland City places of heritage significance

  1. Eunice that Heritage Register was only noted, Mayor Seccombe Cr Williams and the pro development Council in 2006 chose not to approve the register as it may have an impact on those who owned a property and affect their development rights????? There are cute little homes in Middle Street near the RSL which should be protected, the Study was quite detailed but never implemented

  2. Thank you for keeping us up to date on what is happening with the Willard Farm site at Birkdale . Plus information on the heritage assessment process and even today adding the hyperlink to State and Council listings.
    However, I’d like to correct an impression : that the heritage provisions of the planning scheme could not be invoked thus affording almost “as-of-right” ability to demolish the buildings, in the case of the Willard farm
    Not so! the heritage values of the Willard farm have always been there. And quite well documented including by academics such as Mary Howells, whose 2000 publication was actually a Redland Shire Council publication. Back in 1995 the then Redland Shire Council Heritage Study had its own inventory of items with both State and Local listing ticked for “Willards Farm”. The Birkdale Progress Association showed this using Council’s own report that’s in the public domain.
    So here’s an instance where due diligence hasn’t happened. No wonder there has been community reaction.
    Has Council done anyone any favours by putting its head in the sand on heritage matters? When and where is the next embarrassment going to happen?
    Has it done any favours for the owner/applicant? Should they have relied on more than just a desk audit?

    • Well said Me Too ! The applicant for the Willard’s / Pines and the representatives for the adjoining Commonwealth Land claim they had no knowledge of heritage values on all parcels of land…well they must have known as they have been involved in these properties for decades, but when there is money to be made, it’s best to forget these things.

      • But unfortunately, in 2006 the Council did not see fit to list the Willard property for protection under the current local Heritage Places Register (despite its obvious heritage value) I think it has become clear to everyone that this has been a gross oversight and one that needs to be quickly rectified.

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