Redland City Council – week ending 16 May

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Redlands and Brisbane Transport Working Group

How many politicians does it take to kick off a transport study?

How many politicians does it take to kick off a transport study? – Photo from Redland City Bulletin

On Monday the Bulletin got a not very exciting posed photo of 12 politicians. They were taking time out from an important discussion about fixing roads to Redland City.

After three years in office, Mayor Karen Williams announced:

Yesterday was historic in that for the first time we had Federal, State and Local Government representatives agree to work together to prioritise cross boundary transport infrastructure that impacts on both cities.

Redland City and Brisbane don’t just share boundaries, but also key transport corridors, so it’s important for us to work together so Brisbane and Redland City residents benefit from quality transport infrastructure.

Mayor Williams did not explain why it had taken three years to stage a meeting which decided to hold another meeting with technical officers from Brisbane and Redland City councils to help take the vision to the next step of developing a strategic transport plan.

The extent of community input to this planning process was not explained either.

Here is a link to the Bulletin’s report: Redland, Brisbane join forces to solve traffic woes.

The Redlands weather station

Turning the sods to get some media coverage

Turning the sods to get some media coverage – Photo from Redland City Bulletin

On Tuesday morning, Council staged a sod turning photo opportunity complete with shovel, hard hats and high viz safety vests.

In December the Council announced that it had scored a $150,000 grant to fund a new Redlands weather station. The old one at the DPI site was closed by the LNP State Government in 2013.

Anyway, a bit of sod turning is an easy way to get some media coverage for elected representatives. No doubt we will also be treated to an official opening with ribbon cutting in a couple of months time when the new weather station is completed.

ABC Radio 612 reporter Terri Begley interviewed council disaster management officer Mike Lollback.He is the guy on the right of the photo. Here is a link to the interview in which Terri comments that “politicians like to dig holes, sometimes for themselves”.

It is surprising that the interview was not with Mayor Karen Williams, but Mike did a great job. Maybe we should have more interviews with Council officers?

Here is a link to the Bulletin’s report: Redland finally on the (weather) map

Private weather station now closed

Private weather station now closed – Photo from Redland City Bulletin January 2015

On Saturday the privately operated Redland Weather Station closed down. Its owner, James Palmer of Lambdatron, said there was a lack of interest in supporting local business or saving tax payer money with new and better technology.

When Lamdatron’s weather station opened in January, at a cost of less than $20,000, it was the subject of this article in the Bulletin.

Renew Cleveland

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams with Leo Herreygers of Art Unlimited

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams with Leo Herreygers of Art Unlimited – Photo published by Redland City Council

Council has kicked off a program to encourage usage of otherwise vacant space in the Cleveland CBD. Speaking at the opening of Art Unlimited – the first premises to be opened under the Renew Cleveland auspice – Cr Williams said the program continued Council’s open for business strategy.

Leo Herreygers said he was excited to be the first local artist to open a gallery as part of Renew Cleveland, and:

Council should be congratulated for thinking outside the box and encouraging the local art community, which will no doubt benefit from the interest this program will help generate.

Here is a link to the Council’s news release: Program to bring artistic flair to city centre.

Council Meeting on 20 May at 9:30 am

Council will have a General Meeting on Wednesday 20 May, commencing as usual at 9:30 am. Here is a link to the agenda.

Items on the agenda include:

  • 11.2.1 Redland City Council Corporate Plan 2015-2020
  • 11.3.1 Request to change state planning regulatory provision  [about koalas] 257-259 Wellington Street, Ormiston ROL 005831
  • 11.4.1 Multi sport precinct Redland Bay

The public is able to attend Council’s General Meetings and observe the proceedings.

There are three closed session items listed for this meeting which the public and media are not allowed to observe. They are:

  • 16.1.1 Sponsorship applications
  • 16.2.1 Redland Investment Corporation  Amendment to financial treatment of land transfers [When will the Council explain what this is all about?]
  • 16.3.1 Sale of land for overdue rates

Redlands2030 – 16 May 2015


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