Redland City Council news – 27 June 2015

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Federal land at Birkdale

Cr Paul Bishop Photo from the Redland City Bulletin

Cr Paul Bishop Photo from the Redland City Bulletin

Decisions about the future use of land at Birkdale could be made in the next few months according to Councillor Paul Bishop. The Council  is negotiating with the federal government to buy two parcels of bushland south of the Howeston Golf Club and bordered by Tingalpa Creek on Old Cleveland Road East. The land is zoned Community Purpose and Conservation

Cr Bishop is also concerned about plans for subdivision of a neighbouring block which has a 100 year old homestead known as the Pines. For more detail refer to the Redland City Bulletin’s report: Canada trip canned for land debate.

 2015/16 Budget adopted at special meeting on 25 June

Mayor Karen Williams Photo from Redland City Bulletin

Mayor Karen Williams Photo from the Redland City Bulletin

In a close 6-5 vote Redland City Council adopted a budget for 2015/16 at a special meeting on Thursday 25 June.Councillors not supporting the budget were: Bishop, Boglary, Elliott, Hewlett, and Ogilvie.

The Council’s budget is aiming for a small operational surplus of $106,000. The Council is expecting to achieve this result by getting $3.3 million of investment returns but no details were provided about where these would come from. This source of income has not been factored into previous Council budgets.

Accurate budgeting is not the Council’s strong suit. Last year the Council budgeted for an operating loss of  $11.2 million. By the end of May 2015 the Council had booked a surplus of $17.7 million.

According to the Council a typical Redland household (category 1A owner-occupied property with a property value of about $280,000) will see a modest increase of just 0.5% including all water costs, rates and utility charges. It was acknowledged that due to changes in land valuations their will be increases and decreases across the city but no suburb specific rates data was provided.

The discount for pensioners has again not been indexed to keep pace with inflation.

Issues discussed during the meeting included the Council’s process for making decisions about which capital works projects should be funded. Cr Craig Ogilvie raised questions about expenditure on sealing roads in southern Redlands. Cr Wendy Boglary expressed disappointment that her division appears to have missed out on funding for capital works projects, again.

Meeting proceedings were held up because the need for a specific motion to use en-bloc voting had not been anticipated. The meeting was adjourned briefly so that a suitable motion could be drafted.

Media coverage of the budget meeting

Following its adoption of new standing orders the Council has provided both audio and video coverage of the Council’s special meeting to discuss its 2015/16 budget.

The audio coverage was available an hour after the meeting and the video coverage was available by the following day.

There was a meeting adjournment after 49 minutes to finalise wording of a motion to use en bloc voting. The gap in proceedings was edited out of the coverage and is only apparent by carefully following the proceedings. The gap in proceedings should have been explained by Council when it posted the audio and video recordings on its website.

During the meeting the Council provided a very biased coverage of proceedings on Twitter.  All councillors spoke at the budget meeting, even Cr Kim-Maree Hardman who rarely speaks. However, the  Council issued no tweets about anything said by councillors Bishop, Boglary and Ogilvie. These three spoke more than any other councillors (except the Mayor who chaired the meeting).

The Redland City Bulletin covered the budget meeting in two reports by Judith Kerr:

Information about the Budget for 2015/16 is also available from the Council’s website.

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2 thoughts on “Redland City Council news – 27 June 2015

  1. It would have taken much thought for Cr Bishop to give up an overseas partly paid for excursion, for fear of what he might find on return in regards to the Commonwealth land, Birkdale, that local developers had been wanting to fill with houses for some years now. Recall photo in Bayside Bulletin with two or more males standing on the land in question. It’s admirable that Cr Bishop cares enough to be on hand to represent his constituents who he is paid to serve.
    Re RATES. Last budget nearby Alex Hills residents had no change while Capalaba did. Of interest, is the first budget of new Mayor Karen Williams giving us one of the lowest rate rises in SEQ, Raby Bay residents saw a drop in rates, while Capalaba residents saw a rise in rates of more than five (5) percent about $80 more, NOT including water. We also saw a reduction in the environmental levy and the following one.
    So now again we have the lowest rate rise in SEQ.. 0.5% with, again, no change in pension discounts to give relief to struggling elderly to help cover cost of liviing increases. Shame on this council..
    Needless to say, announced on Channel 9 last evening, Holland Park, where my brother lives, is the most desirable suburb in which to live today as its close to Bne City Centre, leafy suburb, don’t need a car, shops end of street, hotel, etc. fast, affordable public transport. I live on the outskirts of Bne, by congested roads, poor public transport, yet pay the same rates as my family in Holland Park.

  2. The amount of editing and sanitizing for public dissemination of council proceedings again shows council likes to hide from the general population who may be unable to attend council meetings, the actual workings of our council.

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