Redland City Council News – 19 July 2015

Council Meeting 15 July

RCC Week ending 19 july 2015

items discussed at the Redland City Council meeting on Wednesday 15 July included:

  • Incentives for investment in the Cleveland CBD and tourism accommodation
  • Support for Horizon Foundation developing a facility in Capalaba
  • Adoption of a revised International Relations Policy

 $1.5 million incentive scheme for Cleveland CBD extended (Item 11.2.3)

Redland City Council decided to extend for two years a $1.5 million financial incentive scheme to encourage investment in the Cleveland CBD or in tourism accommodation anywhere in Redland City.

From time to time Council meetings take on elements of farce, usually due to the way that meetings are chaired by Mayor Karen Williams. Discussion of this item of business provides an example. One councillor (Ogilvie) was constrained from speaking about issues relevant to the topic and another (Bishop) received a warning before he started speaking. If you want to watch it on the video recording, discussion of this item starts at 26:30 minutes and continues until 50:00 minutes.

The decision to extend the incentives scheme was supported by all councillors except Cr Paul Gleeson.

Horizon Foundation (Item 11.3.2)

Council decided to assist the Horizon Foundation with development of a new facility to assist people with disabilities. It will be located at the Runnymede site 377-385 Redland Bay Road, Capalaba next to Indigiscapes. Council’s assistance will include waiving trunk infrastructure charges.

Cr Paul Bishop successfully moved an amendment to the original motion which was to ensure that when a concept plan for the whole site is developed, recognition is given to previous community engagement processes and outcomes.

The amended motion was then supported by all councillors except Cr Julie Talty and Cr Paul Gleeson.

The Horizon Foundation is currently seeking a $1 million grant from the Federal Government’s National Stronger Regions Funding program.

International relations policy (item 11.2.4)

Dr Tetsuo Mizuno with Cr Craig Ogilvie

Dr Tetsuo Mizuno with Cr Craig Ogilvie

Council adopted a revised International Relations Policy which will aim to “encourage a stronger international focus for the city and concentrate on delivering more tangible benefits for residents of the city.” Council also agreed to budget $20,000 p.a. “to provide adequate resourcing for trade visits, delegation visits and sister and friendship city visits”.

The motion was strongly supported by Cr Craig Ogilvie who spoke about the considerable benefits which Redlands has already achieved through international cooperation facilitated by Dr Tetsuo Mizuno from the Australia-Japan Wildlife Conservation and Education Foundation.

The motion was supported by all councillors except Cr Murray Elliot and Cr Lance Hewlett.

More information

Here is a link to the meeting minutes. You can watch a video of the meeting or listen to an audio recording.

Or you can read this report by Judith Kerr for the Redland City Bulletin – CBD package extended and new Horizon at Runnymede

Heritage protection for Willards Farm (the Pines)

Paul Bishop 22522_687857428026717_8952296791051831331_n

Willards Farm building to be considered for heritage listing – photo courtesy Cr Paul Bishop

The heritage status of a Birkdale property could be determined by September. Willards Farm, also known as ‘The Pines’, is located on Old Cleveland Road East, Birkdale and dates back to the 1860s. James Willard, a timber-getter and farmer, was one of the first settlers of the Capalaba-Cleveland area, and he and his family ran the farm from about 1863 to 1938.

An application for heritage listing was submitted by the Birkdale Progress Association and supported by Don Brown MP and Cr Paul Bishop. State Environment and Heritage Protection Minister Dr Steven Miles used his powers under the Heritage Act 1992 to protect the area with a Stop Order. The Queensland Heritage Council, which is the independent peak advisor on heritage matters in the state, will make the ultimate decision about whether Willards Farm is entered in the State Heritage register.

More information is available in the Government’s media release.

Redland City Council has not yet issued any comment on the Government’s decision to enable this property’s heritage listing to be considered.

Redlands Sport and Recreation Forum – Saturday 8 August

The Council is inviting anyone involved or interested in the delivery of community sport, recreation and activities to attend a forum on Saturday 8 August.

This forum may be of interest if you want to find out more about partnerships with Council in the delivery of community sport as well as the management of club land and facilities.

The forum will be held at the Redlands Sporting Club, Anson Road, Wellington Point from 10am-3.30pm, Sat 8 Aug (registration from 9.30am).

If you are interested in attending RSVP to the Council by 31 July (for catering): 3829 8460


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  1. Thank you for attaching the video of the last Council General meeting. It really is a wonderful service provided by council for those that cannot attend. Easy to access via the R2030 link, thank you.
    Interesting to note the attempted “shut down” of any reference to skewing of development money away from Cleveland CBD because of development in greenfield sites where land can be bought at rural prices and then rezoned.
    Cr Talty assured there was no greenfield rezoning in the last three years or so.
    Wonder will that comment change when Shoreline is approved?

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