Redland City Council news – 12 September 2015

 Council threatens residents with legal action

Redland City Council’s Legal Officer has written to at least five residents about their allegedly defamatory comments.

It appears that the issue was sparked by comments residents made in response to an on-line petition titled Vote of No Confidence for Redland City Mayor Karen Williams. This petition was raised by Judy Rose of Ormiston.

On Friday Council CEO Bill Lyons stated that letters had been issued to five residents in response to “continued, untrue, deeply offensive and defamatory material  posted on social media”.

The on-line petition has been updated in response to the Council’s demands.

More information about this issue is available in:

Council meeting on 9 September

Here are links to the Meeting minutes. You can listen to an audio recording or view a video recording of the Meeting.

The Council has updated its video recording process and now offers viewers the ability to select particular agenda items from a menu. Instead of a single screen they now offer three small screens – the images are smaller but now all meeting participants are visible.

Some of the matters discussed at the meeting are reported on below.

Councillor Mark Edwards was absent from the meeting.

Council refuses development application

Council refuses application for 16 two story units on this site next to St Rita's

Council refuses application for 16 two story units on this site next to St Rita’s

An application to develop 16 units in Benfer Road, Victoria Point was refused by Council. Issues of concern included the density of development and its location next to St Rita’s primary school.

The decision to refuse the application was supported by councilors Beard, Bishop, Boglary, Hardman, Hewlett, Ogilvie and Talty. Councillors Elliot, Gleeson and Williams voted against the refusal.

Since the meeting, the developer has announced an intention to appeal the Council’s decision in the Planning and Environment Court.

More information is available in this report by the Bulletin.

This development proposal was discussed in the Redlands2030 article: Increasing residential density by stealth in Redland City.

Ludmilla Place to get a very small playground

No playground here (click to enlarge)

No playground here (click to enlarge)

Residents of Ludmilla Place, Alexandra Hills had petitioned for a playground. Although the officers report recommended against installing any playground here, councillors decided that they could have a small swing set or a small fort, subject to meeting crime prevention guidelines.

Heritage buildings

Willards Farm (The Pines")

Homestead at Willards Farm (photo by Cr Paul Bishop)

Councillor Wendy Boglary put forward an urgent motion to have Council consider some heritage preservation issues including two historic houses which property owners want removed to allow new developments.

Without seeming to notice the irony, councillors spent 15 minutes discussing whether or not the motion was urgent. After agreeing that the motion was urgent, councillors then resolved unanimously to:

  1. Request an urgent report to consider options for the possible preservation of the heritage house at 6 Fernbourne Road, Wellington Point and ‘The Willard Farm’ Homestead located at 302 Old Cleveland Road, Birkdale; and
  2. Request an urgent workshop to identify ways that council can strengthen and improve on its protection of key sites that have Aboriginal or European cultural heritage. This may include a cultural / heritage Policy approach for the City and a strategy to secure a future for these key assets.

More information is available in this report by the Bulletin.

North Stradbroke signage review

Council discussed a proposal to seek State Government funding worth about $1.7 million for a review of signage on North Stradbroke Island. This project is being put forward by the Council as a key step in managing the Island’s transition from sand mining to an economy more reliant on tourism.

Further information is available in this report by the Bulletin.





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3 thoughts on “Redland City Council news – 12 September 2015

  1. There was a Council in Redland
    Who thought their residents should stand
    With bowed heads to their ‘betters’
    Who sent legal letters
    To prove their decisions were grand

  2. Shocked..on hearing Council is threatening legal action against citizens expressig their views by way of a petition being circulated requesting people to sign or not, re a lack of confidence on how we, the people, are being governed by Redland City Mayor and associates. In a democratc society this action is a right without having to fear attacks from politicians. It has to be expected that angry citizens who feel their voices remain unheard on issues vital to their sense of community and wellbeng, will strike back. Such a heavy handed response will do little to endear the people of Redlands to the Mayor, CEO and her legal team. Shame on them. .

  3. Disgusted that our Mayor and Council would sink so low as to threaten residents with legal action for comments posted!

    We hear all the absurdity and childishness from Council and its employees and we apparently have no recourse now or we will be sued!

    Our Mayor would be better off identifying these thin skinned individuals who lack the intestinal fortitude to respond to such comments – right or wrong – with professionalism and undeniable facts, NOT boo hooing and running off to the Courts because their feelings have been hurt or disagreement expressed!

    Taking this type of action makes one suspect that maybe there is fire behind the smoke?

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