Redland City Council news – 12 July 2015

Cr Craig Ogilvie in the redeveloped Bloomfield St Park

Cr Craig Ogilvie in the Bloomfield St Park redeveloped by  Redland City Council

Redland City Council’s redevelopment of Bloomfield Street Park is nearly done.

Cr Craig Ogilvie, councillor for Division 2 which includes Cleveland, noted that small children were having a great time on the new colourful playground equipment.

He also said that the redeveloped park should become a popular meeting place.

Agenda for Council Meeting on 15 July

The next meeting of the Redland city Council will be held on 15 July at 9:30 am. Here is a link to the agenda.

Items which may be of interest include:

11.1.1 Right to Information fees and charges have been increased in line with State Government changes to charges.

11.2.1 Development approval decisions made under delegated authority (about 75 of them)

11.2.3 Cleveland CBD Development Incentives Program

11.2.4 International relations policy and guidelines – Strategic, economic and community relations

11.3.3 Sponsorship Program 2014-15 Report

Koala breeding season begins early this year

Breeding season usually doesn’t begin until August but it appears to be early this year, with wildlife officers and volunteers reporting unusually high numbers of koalas on the move for this time of year, as well as injuries, as they search for mates.

Mr Ben McMullen, Redland City Council’s Senior Manager Environment and Education, said “It’s not only the adults that we need to look out for but the youngsters as well, with last year’s young leaving their maternal home range to find one of their own.

“In their travels they surprise many a resident by appearing in unexpected places as they search for somewhere to call home. The Cleveland area is home to a surprising number of koalas, some of which are often seen in the CBD at this time of year.”

For more information here is a link to the Council’s news release: Caring for our adventurous koalas