RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 8/9 Ethical Governance

Topic 8 of 9 - Inclusive and ethical governance

Topic 8 of 9 – Inclusive and ethical governance

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

The Redlands Community can assess the Council’s performance for each of the Corporate Plan’s nine delivery areas using report cards on the Redlands2030 website.

More information about the five year Corporate Plan and the long term Community Plan is available here

This is card 8/9  Inclusive and ethical governance

Give a mark for each Strategy and/or Community Priority you consider important.

  • BLANK       –  Leave BLANK if NOT considered IMPORTANT Strategy or Community Priority
  • High pass – Council has exceeded delivery of Strategy, strongly upheld Community Priority
  • Low pass – Council has progressed delivery of Strategy, attempted to uphold Community Priority
  • Not Sure  –  Strategy or Community Priority is considered important but UNCERTAIN if anything has been done.
  • FAIL          – Council has FAILED to deliver on Strategy, NOT upheld Community Priority

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RCC Corporate Plan Delivery 8/9 – Inclusive and Ethical Governance

Desired Outcome for 2015 – Deep engagement, quality leadership at all levels, transparent and accountable democratic processes and a spirit of partnership between the community and Council will enrich residents’ participation in local decision making to achieve the community’s Redlands 2030 vision and goals.

Strategies that RCC will deliver 2010-2015
8.1 Embed the visions and goals of the Redlands 2030 Community Plan into our planning, operations and culture and develop effective reporting and monitoring arrangements to show how we are progressing on implementation of the Community Plan and this Corporate Plan

8.2 Provide accessible information through different media to let residents know about local issues and how to get involved in programs and make a positive contribution to their community

8.3 Establish and maintain effective partnerships with local, regional and national organisations and governments to deliver the visions and goals of the community

8.4 Deliver broad, rich and deep engagement that reaches residents of all ages, backgrounds and locations, enabling them to contribute their views about plans and decisions affecting them and developing community leadership

8.5 Be transparent and consistent in the way we manage the organisation, its risks and obligations and ensure we are delivering against our priorities

8.6 Implement a comprehensive enterprise approach to risk management across the organization

8.7 Ensure Council resource allocation is sustainable and delivers on Council and community priorities

8.8 Provide clear information to citizens about how rates, fees and charges are set and how Council intends to finance the delivery of the Community Plan and Corporate Plan

Community Priorities that RCC will uphold during 2010-2015
• Engaging communities

• Developing leadership

• Demonstrating Accountability

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