RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 7/9 Strong and connected communities

Topic 7of 9 - Strong and connected community

Topic 7of 9 – Strong and connected communities

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

The Redlands Community can assess the Council’s performance for each of the Corporate Plan’s nine delivery areas using report cards on the Redlands2030 website.

More information about the five year Corporate Plan and the long term Community Plan is available here

This is card 7/9  Strong and connected community

Give a mark for each Strategy and/or Community Priority you consider important.

  • BLANK       –  Leave BLANK if NOT considered IMPORTANT Strategy or Community Priority
  • High pass – Council has exceeded delivery of Strategy, strongly upheld Community Priority
  • Low pass – Council has progressed delivery of Strategy, attempted to uphold Community Priority
  • Not Sure  –  Strategy or Community Priority is considered important but UNCERTAIN if anything has been done.
  • FAIL          – Council has FAILED to deliver on Strategy, NOT upheld Community Priority

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RCC Corporate Plan Delivery 7/9 – Strong and Connected Communities

Desired Outcome for 2015 – Our health, wellbeing and strong community spirit will be supported by a full range of services, programs, organisations and facilities, and our values of caring and respect will extend to people of all ages, cultures, abilities and needs.

Strategies that RCC will deliver 2010-2015
7.1 Promote festivals, events and activities for people to come together, developing connections and networks to improve community spirit and enhance ‘sense of place’

7.2 Provide access to quality services, facilities and information that meet the needs of all age groups and communities, especially disadvantaged and vulnerable people

7.3 Increase community safety, health and wellbeing by planning and delivering programs, services, partnerships, regulations and education

7.4 Increase the participation of people from all age groups and backgrounds in local heritage, the arts and cultural expression

7.5 Increase the physical activity participation of residents and deliver programs and incentives that strengthen opportunities for sport and recreation

7.6 Provide practical programs, support and guidance to the community sector in its delivery of highly valued support services and community projects

7.7 Increase children and young people’s active participation in community life and support their social, cultural and physical development

7.8 Support “Ageing Well in the Redlands”, to enable active participation in all aspects of community life

7.9 Actively participate in multi-agency forums to support the health and wellbeing of Indigenous residents of the Redlands and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities in the Redlands to develop initiatives that respond to their aspirations

7.10 Minimise the impact of disasters by improving community preparedness and our capacity to respond effectively to support the community when disasters

Community Priorities that RCC will uphold during 2010-2015
• Building community spirit and belonging

• Safeguarding community wellbeing

• Building on local strengths

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  1. Today is the 13th of may 2015 and today we were booked in on the barge to go from Russell Island to
    Redland Bay at 9.15 am but the barge got stuck due to the low tide and no one could go to the mainland.
    Will this happen more often? A bridge would solve this problem