RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 6/9 Vibrant Economy


Topic 6 of 9 - Supportive and vibrant economy

Topic 6 of 9 – Supportive and vibrant economy

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

The Redlands Community can assess the Council’s performance for each of the Corporate Plan’s nine delivery areas using report cards on the Redlands2030 website.

More information about the five year Corporate Plan and the long term Community Plan is available here

This is card 6/9  Supportive and vibrant economy

Give a mark for each Strategy and/or Community Priority you consider important.

  • BLANK       –  Leave BLANK if NOT considered IMPORTANT Strategy or Community Priority
  • High pass – Council has exceeded delivery of Strategy, strongly upheld Community Priority
  • Low pass – Council has progressed delivery of Strategy, attempted to uphold Community Priority
  • Not Sure  –  Strategy or Community Priority is considered important but UNCERTAIN if anything has been done.
  • FAIL          – Council has FAILED to deliver on Strategy, NOT upheld Community Priority

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RCC Corporate Plan Delivery 6/9 – Supportive and Vibrant Economy

Desired Outcome for 2015 – Businesses will thrive and jobs will grow from opportunities generated by low impact industries, cultural and outdoor lifestyle activities, eco-tourism and quality educational experiences.

Strategies that RCC will deliver 2010-2015
6.1 Bolster the local economy and local employment by providing business support to local companies, promoting social enterprise and providing opportunities for creativity, diversity and entrepreneurial activity

6.2 Market the distinctive image of the Redlands by encouraging low impact businesses that are knowledgebased and creative to establish in the city

6.3 Promote significant redevelopment of Cleveland and Capalaba as principal regional activity centres delivering mixed-use centres that provide opportunities for economic investment and local employment

6.4 Bring new business to the Redlands by promoting the city as a sustainable business locale, promoting Redland’s advantages and advocating for the relocation of a major state government department

6.5 Develop partnerships with TAFE and other education providers to promote more tertiary education courses in the Redlands and training that supports local business needs

6.6 Promote Redlands as a high quality tourism destination and encourage the development of sustainable naturebased, heritage and eco-tourism

Community Priorities that RCC will uphold during 2010-2015
• Promoting a self sufficient economy

• Growing local jobs

• Developing skills

• Strengthening the tourism industry

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