RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 5/9 Wise Planning

Topic 5 of 9 - Wise planning

Topic 5 of 9 – Wise planning

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

The Redlands Community can assess the Council’s performance for each of the Corporate Plan’s nine delivery areas using report cards on the Redlands2030 website.

More information about the five year Corporate Plan and the long term Community Plan is available here

This is card 5/9  Wise planning

Give a mark for each Strategy and/or Community Priority you consider important.

  • BLANK       –  Leave BLANK if NOT considered IMPORTANT Strategy or Community Priority
  • High pass – Council has exceeded delivery of Strategy, strongly upheld Community Priority
  • Low pass – Council has progressed delivery of Strategy, attempted to uphold Community Priority
  • Not Sure  –  Strategy or Community Priority is considered important but UNCERTAIN if anything has been done.
  • FAIL          – Council has FAILED to deliver on Strategy, NOT upheld Community Priority

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RCC Corporate Plan Delivery 5/9 – Wise Planning and Design

Desired Outcome for 2015 – We will carefully manage population pressures and use land sustainably while advocating and taking steps to determine limits of growth and carrying capacity on a local and national basis, recognising environmental sensitivities and the distinctive character, heritage and atmosphere of local communities. A well-planned network of urban, rural and bushland areas and responsive infrastructure and transport systems will support strong, healthy communities.

Strategies that RCC will deliver 2010-2015
5.1 Prepare and put in place a new planning scheme for the Redlands that reflects the aspirations and expectations outlined in the Community Plan and Corporate Plans, state interests, recognised in the SEQ Regional Plan and the legal obligations of the Sustainable Planning Act

5.2 Manage population growth in a compact settlement pattern, having defined the sustainable carrying capacity of the city and limits to population growth

5.3 Advocate strongly to all levels of government about the impacts of an increased population on the city and the region’s liveability and natural systems

5.4 Review Council’s and the community’s climate change preparedness, ensuring all risks are understood and plans are activated to deal with expected outcomes

5.5 Plan and develop a network of accessible centres that provide a wide range of retail, commercial and community services along with local employment opportunities

5.6 Manage the built environment in a way that creates accessible and user friendly spaces and maintains our local character and identity, ensuring all new developments use high quality design that reflects our sub-tropical climate, promotes health, community harmony and wellbeing

5.7 Support a sustainable future for rural areas by developing and implementing a rural strategy that recognises the city’s heritage, economic, environmental and scenic values and promotes sustainable rural industries and activities

5.8 Plan and advocate to connect the city’s communities with improved public transport including a road, ferry, cycling and walking network that provides safe and efficient movement within the city and the region and supports physical activity; and promote efficient and environmentally responsible private transport

5.9 Promote housing diversity, choice and affordability to address the city’s current and future needs, incorporating medium density housing within and around the city’s centres and transport nodes

5.10 Maintain the quality and liveability of residential areas and protect natural resources

5.11 Provide for ‘place making’ throughout the city through creative and inclusive master planning, local area planning, public art and heritage planning and precinct character planning processes to manage development at a local level

5.12 Plan, provide and advocate for essential physical and social infrastructure that supports community well-being and manage Council’s existing infrastructure assets to ensure current service standards are maintained or improved

5.13 Enhance the city’s liveability and enable people to enjoy outdoor activities, social gatherings and community events through planning, providing and managing high quality parks and open spaces

Community Priorities that RCC will uphold during 2010-2015
• Strengthening physical character and heritage

• Planning for a liveable city

• Prioritising public infrastructure

• Maximising green spaces

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One thought on “RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 5/9 Wise Planning

  1. I find it insulting that Council claims it will comply with the Regional Plan and the Community Plan, just reading the statements in Wise Planning and Design I find they have totally mislead the community. Shoreline and land south of Boundary Road is not included in the Regional plan and yet I will put $100 on the table that this land is included in the new planning scheme.
    In the Community Plan there was a commitment to address carrying capacity , which is to only allow development that has the necessary infrastructure needed to support a community, added to that the need to address social planning and protection of the environmental values. I have seen no evidence this has been done in the past 3 years