RCC REPORT CARD – Topic 2/9 Green Living

RCC Corporate Plan Review 2 green living

Topic 2 of 9 – Green living

Has Redland City Council delivered on its 2010- 2015 Corporate Plan strategies?

The Redlands Community can assess the Council’s performance for each of the Corporate Plan’s nine delivery areas using report cards on the Redlands2030 website.

More information about the five year Corporate Plan and the long term Community Plan is available here

This is card 2/9  Green living

Give a mark for each Strategy and/or Community Priority you consider important.

  • BLANK       –  Leave BLANK if NOT considered IMPORTANT Strategy or Community Priority
  • High pass – Council has exceeded delivery of Strategy, strongly upheld Community Priority
  • Low pass – Council has progressed delivery of Strategy, attempted to uphold Community Priority
  • Not Sure  –  Strategy or Community Priority is considered important but UNCERTAIN if anything has been done.
  • FAIL          – Council has FAILED to deliver on Strategy, NOT upheld Community Priority

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RCC Corporate Plan Delivery 2/9 – Green Living

Desired Outcome for 2015 – A diverse and healthy natural environment, with an abundance of native flora and fauna and rich ecosystems will thrive through our awareness, commitment and action in caring for the environment.

Strategies that RCC will deliver 2010-2015
2.1 Achieve sustainability through strong leadership and innovation, and by effective planning and managing our services, assets and resources

2.2 Promote, support and encourage commitment to green living in our community by improving residents’ understanding of climate change and achieving greater water, energy and waste conservation and efficiency

2.3 Promote a ‘go local’ attitude towards working,socialising, shopping, playing and supporting local production of food

2.4 Provide and maintain safe and attractive routes for people to walk and cycle throughout the city and to connect to nearby regional centres

2.5 Achieve greater use of public transport by advocating for improved access to innovative and high quality services

2.6 Conserve energy and water, improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from Council’s energy consumption

2.7 Keep Redlands clean and green through programs that increase community participation in practical and positive local action to build a sense of ownership and an increasing pride in our city

2.8 Implement Council’s waste management strategy by applying best practice principles in pricing, public awareness, Resource management, recycling and recovery

2.9 Protect our community and the natural environment by managing environmental harm and nuisance caused by industry, business, development from past and present activities

Community Priorities that RCC will uphold during 2010-2015
• Making green choices the norm

• Managing our resources Sustainably

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