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One thought on “QldBdy2017_Capalaba

  1. Dear sir

    I am very concerned about the implications of the book “Game of Mates” written by Dr Cameron Murray and Professor Paul Frijters. The findings should be ringing alarm bells in the Government and the Opposition. Accordingly, I join the call for inquiry by the State Government into Queensland’s planning and development system.

    Specifically I ask the State Government to examine:

    methods that will enable the public to capture a fair share of the increased wealth made from rezoning decisions and other actions that “uplift” land values (through increased development rights).
    the extent of the influence of well-connected “mates” in the land development industry
    the effects of capped infrastructure charges and the transparency of the costs these charges impose on ratepayers
    loss of the voice of the community in planning and development decisions
    the role of lobbyists within the land development industry
    the need for a truly independent anti corruption mechanism in Queensland similar to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) in New South Wales.


    Bryon Hildyard

    71 Torquay Road
    Redland Bay qld 4165