Protecting Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park near Toondah Harbour

Locals writing in this week share their concerns about protecting the Moreton Bay Marine Park, the tragic decline of local koalas and the request to Council for a four year extension to build the Mt Cotton chicken manure incinerator.

Moreton Bay Marine Park

Moreton Bay Marine Park must be protected…. no dredging and building high rises on reclaimed land. So little time is given for community groups to respond. As mentioned by a local, perhaps, it’s because this is simply a ‘tick and flick’ policy that requires no real community consultation.

Give people a chance to express their views on how they want to see our land and waterways treated. They should be enhanced, not destroyed and dredged as developers and their hangers-on are hoping for.


AG Capalaba

Koala decline in South East Queensland

Regional Plan

Koala mum Hollie is one of the koalas being tracked

How much money was spent on a study by University of Qld into the cause of koala decline in SEQ? Imagine that…dog attacks and cars are to blame an extensive study found.

When the building boom began in Redlands in 1987, squashed koalas were seen every day on Finucane Rd and Old Cleveland Roads, Capalaba. Flat bed trucks picked them up before a.m. rush hour with tarps over them…plus a gaily coloured koala ambulance on their way to Moggill Hospital. Did any come back? …Most likely not, as their homes would have been mulched by then. Where can koalas go when all their habitat is gone?

We did have koala corridors but not for long, because developers (wink, wink) got them, so now 80% of the creatures have vanished. Not too many left to go.

Still there are wildlife warriors out there trying to track a few survivors around the Toondah Harbour area. Eight koalas have names and are carefully tracked by carers. It doesn’t take a study to know cars, dogs and starvation kill koalas when they have no food, and no home grounds left to them.

Only saving MATURE food trees save the species…. not the same old deceptive song we hear that ‘we will plant trees nearby’. Only small saplings are planted and though some live, most don’t. And it takes a good seven years before a koala can use them.

Extinction is the end result of how koalas are treated in SEQ. Please tell me I’m wrong.

GA Birkdale

Mt Cotton chicken manure incinerator

Location of the Mt Cotton Chicken manure power station

Well the proposed dirty Chicken manure incinerator at Mt Cotton has raised its ugly head again, and the applicant has requested it be bought to Council for approval of another four years.

This incinerator will push toxins out into the air, which affects the 700 children at Mt Cotton School and many nearby residents.

Trucks from all over SEQ will be on the local roads, and over 2000 tonnes of chicken poo stockpiled. It will be a health and environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Over the years, Redland ratepayers have already forked out over $400,000 on this disgusting proposed development.

Come to Council on the 22 March and have your say or write to your local Councillor and tell them how you feel.

Mt Cotton

Letters published by Redlands2030 – 2 March 2017