Ormiston Residents discuss planning and koalas

Cr Wendy Boglary discusses planning with residents of Ormiston

Cr Wendy Boglary discusses planning and koalas with residents of Ormiston

Yesterday evening Cr Wendy Boglary discussed the new planning scheme with residents from Ormiston. About 40 people attended the public meeting held at the Redlands softball grounds.

Issues discussed included the process for developing the new planning scheme to be known as City Plan 2015. It is expected that the new scheme which will determine exactly what kinds of development can be built on each and every block of land in Redland City will be available for public review soon.

Other issues discussed included the Shoreline proposal for a massive housing development which does not comply with the current city planning scheme.

The current controversy over plans by Fiteni Homes to remove over 20 mature gum trees from a site at Wellington Street Ormiston was the subject of some heated conversation. There was a clear consensus that the current council majority is not acting in the public interest to preserve the amenity of the Redlands.

Councillor Boglary told residents that a report about the approval process for this development would be presented to Council at its next meeting on 12 November. Council meetings which commence at 9:30 am public and residents are welcome to observe the proceedings.

Local laws discussed

Concerned residents canvassed possible actions including a change to the City’s local laws on vegetation protection. Today is the deadline for submissions about a range of changes to Redland City’s local laws.

It was pointed out to residents that while the current council majority has much to answer for, the LNP Government is also contributed to the problems. Its recent changes to planning legislation are clearly skewed in favour of land developers and the community’s rights to object have been severely curtailed. This issue was discussed in the Redlands2030 submission on planning bills.

Tracey Huges, Labor Party candidate for the seat of Cleveland at the next State election, attended the meeting and expressed her concern at the lack of action by the current Government to protect koalas in the Redlands.

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8 thoughts on “Ormiston Residents discuss planning and koalas

  1. it would be a miracle in the new 2015 planning scheme if koala habitat were included in the design of housing estates. But its too hard…easier to clear the entire area down to the last twig then see how many houses/units can be squeezed in row by row….narrowing the roads in between to gain maximum profits. Mr Fiteni, about to build on the Ormiston lot, let my late husband Paul’s best friend Ron who lived next door to him, know how he felt about koalas….to the point Ron had to leave after only one year living next to Mr Fiteni when he sold and told new owner the street trees next to Birkdale bush were ‘dangerous’. Ron left for Bne after only one year in Redlands. Shame. The big players with deep pockets are the Fitenis, Ron Loney, Fox & Bell….so they call the shots in Redlands planning schemes…correct me if I’m wrong. 2015 planning scheme? The more things change the more they stay the same.
    Amy Glade

  2. Simple…if Koala food trees aren’t protected by Federal/State/local governments, then the Redland koalas are doomed….development laws don’t protect habitat, a Redland resident who moved into a home by a wildlife corridor in Ormiston never to be built on, when a developer wanted it, the corridor along with its wildlife, perished. The irate resident was forced to move away to find another home…all this under ex-mayor Don Seccombe’s regime…who also has no respect for work of volunteers selling 82 Finucane Rd. frontage to Valantine Park a few residents worked for ten years to creating the beautiful it is today. It was sold to Ray White Real Estate’s Nathan Green, then sold on to where it is now owned by resident with a PO box number in a Bne suburb. No respect for the elderly either, as powerful wealthy builder Ron Loney can develop a flower farm behind Finlandia Village Rest Home right up to the fence with wall to wall houses that bring domestic violence, neighbourhood disputes, along with it. I’ve seen it in Capalaba on Denison Crt where two shootings have taken place in recent times. Alan Beard thinks its okay to build eight units in a man’s backyard on Keith St next to Denison Crt. He is a powerful man…Deputy and close friend of Mayor and Don Seccombe where he entertains elderly folk assured of their votes election time. The way I see it.
    Amy Glade

  3. re open letter to residents from RCC’s CEO Bill Lyon on Ormiston Koala trees.
    I’m surprised the trees are still there since I understand a Fiteni family member is about to build on the land. There is no reason why the trees can’t be left to benefit the local koalas and local people who care about them. Joe Fiteni is a wealthy, prolific builder throughout Redlans and elsewhere, has deep pockets, so has his way as wherever he builds, nothing is left to the people of value. He built houses end Ingham St where stand of tall majestic koala food trees at the TAFE fence were officially listed in council records, but for all time, they are lost to us locals. My complaints were met with “they are not food food they are ‘resting’ trees”. Mr Fiteni drove my late husband Paul’s closest friend after only one year living next to Birkdale Bush on Leilani Dr that had uniform size trees, by selling his home next door telling new owner ‘the trees were dangerous’ so hacked into them and down the line. CEO says koala trees, & other flora will be planed in foreshore area…but Mr Lyon, will there will be koalas to use them?..if they are planted that is. He can tell the Redland community if (a) How many of 38,000 koala food trees planted over last five years have been actually planted during Mayor Williams’ watch…18 months. (b) did RCC (ratepayers) pay a premium price for 40m-50m foreshore corridor obtained by council? (c) are ratepayers responsible for ongoing costs for maintenance of the corridor to be used by developers new homes?
    Where has Bill Lyon been? Zonings in Redlands are changed overnight to suit developers and hangers on who stand to gain. A specially protected wetland under Koala Coast Policy on Coolnwynpin Ck Capalaba was changed to ‘commercial’. Joe Fiteni stopped council buying Dan Holzapfel’s turf so he could buy the land between Redland Bay Rd and the creek Capalaba, Dan had to sell, and Mr Fiteni wasted no time in turning it into a crowded industrial centre.
    Council committed to a Green City? What a joke! Not as long as the Fiteni family plus others, have anything to say. These people are powerful with friends in high places.
    My say
    Amy Glade

  4. The problem here is that KAG , as usual have missed the point. Koala’s are cute and cuddly but most people are interested in themselves and as such any campaign must link the relationship of koala’s/bush /environment to the betterment of the individual.
    The Cr simply fails to see the links. she is seeing the myth that development means jobs….more people…. a more career for her and her’s .
    Everyone listens to radio W ii FM ( translation What’s in it For Me.
    e.g. try and criticise someone else’s child or life style…. good luck

  5. Why do we have to fight the same fight for every development in the Redlands over koala food trees? If council won’t protect the trees, if State Govt won’t protect the trees for the koala even with vulnerable status, if the Federal govt won’t protect the trees for the koalas – who will? Are we getting to a stage that public disobedience / demonstrations around council offices etc. someone has to make these secret deals come out in the open!

  6. I attended the Ormiston meeting last night where Cr. Wendy Boglary spoke to about 40 residents from different divisions, not just Ormiston. The meeting was called originally because Ormiston residents who live near the Wellington St. Ormiston block where a stand of lovely healthy koala trees are to be demolished, are very upset about the loss of these trees.
    We need to be aware of the City Plan 2015 in which changes may be made which may affect areas all over The Redlands. We are told by Council that we already have enough land to accommodate the 60,000 extra people that the State Government requires us to provide homes for. That means that the present Urban Footprint does not need to be extended.
    We will be able to make comments and suggestions when this Plan becomes available. We will be able to make submissions on areas that concern us.
    People can already see how infill is working in The Redlands. Small houses are being demolished and two maybe more houses are being built on that block.
    We really need to take note of what is happening now, and be on the lookout for the City Plan 2015 and what it will mean for the residents of The Redlands.

  7. Surprised koala habitat Ormiston trees are still standing as, in my view, the Fiteni family despise koalas. Why do I say that? End Ingham St had stand of tall koala food trees at TAFE fence officially listed in Council records, but replaced with compact housing with wire school fence used for side of a pool…no open space. Looks like a ghetto where one resident said ‘if someone died in there you wouldn’t know”. Joe Fiteni built some houses there.
    Mr Fiteni drove my late husband’s closest friend out of Redlands because of, it seems, a council koala eradication policy in that, after building a house next to Birkdale Bush, with trees council planted along Leilani Dr being of uniform height, Mr Fiteni, sold his house next door, told new owner the trees were ‘dangerous’ who passed the word down the street that were then hacked into. Ron only lived there a year, moved back to Redcliffe, saying residents aren’t permitted to hack into street trees. Seems to me the eradication program is working well.
    Can Mayor Williams advise the Redlands people: (a) how many of 38,000 koala food trees planted over last five years have been actually planted while she has been Mayor…i.e. 18 mths.
    (b) Did Council (ratepayers) pay a premium price for the 40m-50m foreshore corridor obtained by Council?
    and (c) Are Ratepayers now responsible for ongoing costs for maintenance of the corridor that will be used by the developers new home owners?
    The Fiteni family are a powerful influence with Redland Council heavyweights so can’t see an end to what I see as a continuation of a koala eradication program successfully accomplished along Coolnwynpin Ck corridor that extended into TAFE grounds, thru nearby park, into trees behind neighbour then into my two trees in Capalaba..I pay arborists to maintain my trees but they will never ever see another koala…a crying shame. .

  8. “Cr Boglary said she was obliged to vote for the development application because there were no planning grounds on which to vote against it” quote from Bayside Bulletin.Sept 23 2914. How can a councillor vote to approve a development when she knows this is not what the people she represents want and that it is not in their interest or the koalas for the plan to go ahead in its present form. All it needs is a lovely lane of trees to be preserved and a no dogs covenant on the properties. Also where are all the people in these properties going to park? In small lot schemes if there are four residents each with a car where do they put them? The same could happen in all 24 homes .If they have a double garage and a boat there could potentially be 72 extra cars to park. I live next to a small lot scheme and parking is a constant problem.

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