Organic gardening – a quiet revolution in Redland City

Gardening can be a source of lifelong enjoymenr

Organic gardening is enjoyed by people of all ages

What’s a major trend that’s quietly sweeping the world – backyard by backyard? Organic gardening – and it’s alive and very well in the Redlands.

Food production is part of the Redland City’s DNA and, while most market gardens and farms sadly have disappeared under dense urban sprawl, there’s a quiet revolution going on in people’s backyards.

Jerry Colby-Williams

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There’s a surge of interest in community organisations like the Redland Organic Growers Inc (ROGI) from locals who want to learn how to successfully grow their own vegetables and fruit chemical-free.

Bucking the trend of shrinking community groups, ROGI has increased its membership by over 50% in the past year with membership now nudging 200 – and growing.

Says Jill Nixon, ROGI president, “We’ve matched club activities to what the community wants, no matter their gardening skills. At our monthly meetings we have guest speakers as well as our own local garden gurus. We also have private garden visits to members’ backyards, which are an inspirational eye-opener to many. Plus there are hands-on workshops as well as field trips to organic growing destinations several times a year.”

Whether keen teenagers, busy young parents or baby boomers, hundreds of Redland residents are joining the organic revolution as they realise the health and well-being benefits in ‘home grown’.

Growing flowers organically

Growing flowers organically

You can grow your own whatever the size of your plot. Even people with very small spaces can successfully raise tasty herbs and other vegetables and fruit in boxes and pots.

If you’re ready to take the plunge into organic gardening, take a look at ROGI’s website or join its Facebook page. Both are great places for gardening and membership information.

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Monthly meetings are the second Wednesday in the month at Salvation Army Church, on the corner of McDonald Rd and Macarthur St, Alexandra Hills at 6.15 pm and visitors are always welcome ($5 entry). The next one is 9th September.

Oaklands Street Community Garden Open Day

Open Day on 9 September

Open Day for the community garden in Oaklands St, Alexandra Hills on 13 September

ROGI’s next public appearance will be at the Oaklands Street Community Garden 10th Anniversary Open Day, Alexandra Hills, on Sunday 13th September from 10 am to 4 pm.

Jerry Coleby-Williams from the ABC’s Gardening Australia will be a special guest. Stop by and say hello…it’s not too late to join the revolution.

Redlands Organic Growers Inc (ROGI)

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2 thoughts on “Organic gardening – a quiet revolution in Redland City

  1. Although space is limited where I live, I pick my own limes from a potted tree, plus fruit from a lemonade tree in front yard, and veges from a small plot growing dill, parsley, tomatoes, eggplant, and lettuce of different varieties. Many locals would be happy to pay for organically grown produce knowing the liberal use of pesticides, insecticides on crops sold on to supermarkets that can be the cause of health problems. Read where Prince Charles had said “I’ll eat what the worms leave”. It would also be good therapy for retirement village mobile residents to grow their own fruit/vegetables in a plot provided by the home…in the event this idea has not been promoted in Redlands.

    • ROGI is a wonderful community group, a group of talented people speak about their ideas and lots of great information about bugs, pests, and amazing ways to grow herbs. Well informed guest speakers and the garden visits are an inspiration for those who just don’t know where to start.
      I am not a great gardener but I am starting off with just a few herbs and veggies. The community is concerned about food security, where things are grown, what has been sprayed on plants and the need for fresh items, as we are aware some fruit and veggies are held in refrigeration for many weeks and sometimes months.
      Come join us at Oaklands Community Garden on the 13th September, Oaklands Street, Alex Hills

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