North Stradbroke Island commitments from Labor and the Greens


The Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) represents the Quandamooka People who are the traditional owners of North Stradbroke Island.

QYAC has issued this media release ahead of the Queensland election on 31 January 2015.

QYAC Media Release:

Labor and Greens commit to Quandamooka (North Stradbroke Island) Traditional Owners:

Promise to repeal ‘disgraceful’ mining legislation

$20M promised for Economic Transition from mining

QYAC wrote to all major parties seeking support for addressing infrastructure at the One Mile, good faith implementation of joint management of the National Park, and a significant funding commitment to economic transition from sand mining.

In its reply letter Labor’s Deputy Leader of the Opposition Tim Mulherin stated:

The Labor opposition voted against the Newman Government’s North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability Amendment Bill 2013 which is one of the grossest abuses of the Parliament and democratic process in Queensland’s History.

This bill contained Sibelco branded maps of mining lease areas in the legislation, was drafted in accordance with a briefing note provided by Sibelco to the Newman Government with each and every demand met, and was defended using an economic analysis produced entirely by Sibelco, that was branded as that of the department of State Development Infrastructure and Planning.

This legislation followed $91,840 in electoral support being provided by Sibelco to the Premier in his seat of Ashgrove at the 2012 election, which Sibelco had initially failed to declare to the Electoral Commission of Queensland. Queensland Labor will act to mmediately repeal the disgraceful North Stradbroke Island Protection and Sustainability Amendment Bill 2013. Queensland Labor also commits to early and close consultation with the Quandamooka Peoples on any future decision relating to the management of mining leases on North Stradbroke Island.

QYAC CEO Cameron Costello welcomed the commitment:
“We are currently in the High Court over this issue and so it would save both traditional owners and tax payers significant money. This would also restore some integrity and good faith in dealings with Traditional Owners that has been significantly damaged by the current government’s treatment of the Quandamooka People. The commitments by Labor and the Greens demonstrate a clear mark of respect and courtesy.” Mr Costello said.

“This injection would be significant in providing immediate action in progressing infrastructure and tourism projects for the island, and be used to leverage Commonwealth funding.” Mr Costello said.

Labor and the Greens also committed to:

  • Addressing good faith issues with the senior government officials in the implementation of the Indigenous Management Agreement for the Naree Budjong Djarra National Park on Minjerribah including continued employment of its Indigenous Joint Management Coordinator; and
  • Working to redress the 60 years of neglected basic water, sewerage, electricity and waste removal infrastructure services for the One Mile Quandamooka residents who were moved there by government for cheap labour in the 1940’s.

“The Quandamooka People are working very diligently to create a better future for our children’s children. If we are to close the gap, we need government to work positively with us, not undermine our rights, suppress our voices and lack good faith in their dealings with us as we move forward.” Mr Costello said.

Despite a follow up email QYAC received no response from the Premiers Office to its requests.

Local Cleveland MP Mark Robinson said he considered it a privilege to serve the Quandamooka families of North Stradbroke Island and that as the Co-Chair of the LNP’s new Economic Transition Group he would take QYAC’s requests through the ETG process.

For further information here are copies of:

Further information about QYAC is available from the QYAC website
Cameron Costello
28 January 2015
Election matter is authorised by Steve MacDonald of 104 Channel St, Cleveland
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2 thoughts on “North Stradbroke Island commitments from Labor and the Greens

  1. Hi Mark

    Thanks for your comment. As I did with both the Labor and Greens I summarised your initial response:

    “Local Cleveland MP Mark Robinson said he considered it a privilege to serve the Quandamooka families of North Stradbroke Island and that as the Co-Chair of the LNP’s new Economic Transition Group he would take QYAC’s requests through the ETG process.”

    I did receive a formal response from the LNP last night and in summary there was no funding commitment given to any of the requests for improving NSI. The LNP is making funding commitments all over the state during this campaign so the referral of the funding requests for NSI to a committee for consideration whilst Labor and the Greens are offering $20 million over 5 years toward economic transition plus $2 million annually for developing a world class national park on the island will be something for the voters to consider tomorrow.

    The LNP’s letter stated that they will refer our requests for funding of the Economic Transition and One Mile to the Economic Transition Group (of which QYAC is a member). They did not commit to any funding. The LNP did commit to implementing the Indigenous Management Agreement with the Quandamooka People for the National Park but again would not commit to any funding that is required.

    The full letter will be posted to our QYAC website today.

    Kind Regards



    Dear Cameron,

    Thank you for your email.

    I note that you are waiting for a reply from the Premier to your questions.

    While there may be further detail provided directly from his office, I am also authorised to speak on his behalf as the LNP Member for Cleveland, the local member for the Quandamooka people, and as the Co-Chair of the Economic Transition Group for North Stradbroke Island.

    I make the point that many of these items can be taken up by the newly formed Economic Transition Group, of which QYAC is a member. As a Co-Chair I am requesting that the ETG consider these issues being placed on the agenda of the next meeting so that they can be properly considered by the local representatives on the ETG from a local perspective and advise Government and Council on options.

    I can confirm that I am forwarding your requests to the ETG in line with caretaker provisions and will wait for further guidance on these matters.

    As always I consider it a privilege to serve the Quandamooka families of North Stradbroke Island



    Dr Mark Robinson MP
    LNP Member for Cleveland
    Co-Chair – Economic Transition Group, North Stradbroke Island.

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