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10 thoughts on “Have Your Say

  1. For the last three years , sporadically for over two years, I have been trying to get to the bottom of what is happening with the surface of the car park which adjoins the southern end of Stocklands Shopping Centre and bordered by Queen St in Cleveland.
    My question was and still is simple, what type, frequency and amount of maintenance is being placed on this car park. Everyone that shops a Woolworths will be painfully aware of the atrocious condition of the surface. Watching pensioners attempt to get a trolley, which is usually programmed to go the opposite way you want, across this car park is utterly infuriating. Initially my queries were six monthly. I had a reply from council- thank you for taking time to write to us etc etc. On no occasion was an answer forthcoming.
    Since the start of this year I have contacted Cr Mitchell and three departments in Council including the office of the CEO. I have had close to a dozen phone calls to one manager who has at least on two occasions promised to give me an answer. Cr Mitchell responded with ” We are in negotiations with Stocklands to get another great outcome for the residents of Cleveland” Thanks Mr Trump. What negotiations? Why? We own it just fix it!!!! As you will be able to understand I am extremely frustrated, so frustrated that I have now contacted and initiated an investigation through the office of the Queensland Ombudsman Councils, in my opinion, cover up. It gas been also pointed out to Council that they are in breach of the Work Place Health and Safety Act 2011 in not making this surface safe. If the trolley boys who work in this area were to place their own safety seriously they would perform a prestart meeting and perform a risk assessment of the surface and remove their services from the car park for the risk of serious back, neck, wrist and leg joint injuries.
    I await the result of the Ombudsmans findings

  2. What is it with Town Planners in the Government, the State and Councils?. Either the planners are stupid or the are being over turned by the powers to be. Me I believe they are being ignored by the powers to be because the developers put them in with the help of huge donations. Take Toondah Harbour, Weinam Creek, Shoreline, and the hundreds of new developments going up in Redland City. Traffic in a few years will come to a complete halt, no money for Roads the Sate is in Debt. People are spending two to three hours a day to get to work, but councils are approving development after development. Yesterday at Logan Dale on the Beenleigh Redland Bay Road ( which is chock a block every morning ) Woolworths is putting up some sort of building and their survey says that 10 000 000 cars pass here every year. If you think things are bad now just wait till all these Council approved developments are completed. I know one young apprentice round our way who leaves home at Five in the Morning to get the Spring Hill in the City then sits in his car for an hour before going on site, other wise he would not get to work on time and also get nowhere to park. All you have to think of is WHO benefits from all this chaos, WHO is making the money and Who is approving all this Misery? then you will have your answer, then ask what can I do about it.

  3. So a report has now been made public (why so long after being handed to the QLD Govt?) that confirms what we Redland residents already knew long before its release! Our koala population in SE QLD – and that particularly includes the Redlands – has been decimated by 80% over the past 20 years.
    Yes, there are several reasons besides rampant development that point to why the koala population has all but been wiped out in the Redlands, reduced to being quarantined to a handful of so called habitats. But the relentless development of this area – think the Cleveland-Redland Bay Road, up Boundary Road, Shoreline, Toondah Harbour, the list just goes on and on- has without a doubt been the major contributor. And, as an aside, of course development of Toondah Harbour will also affect the annual migration of numerous bird life which will be absolute devastation to that population as well.
    No doubt there are many more areas that the “Developers” will be looking at to be given the “go ahead”(remember the famous quote of one CEO of a major development company reaping the rewards of a “sympathetic council”, who was quoted in the Bulletin January two years ago as declaring that the Redlands was “their happy hunting ground”?) It all comes down to the Redlands being a money making enterprise for the select few, not only at the cost of our native fauna, but the community as well.
    It will come to a point where to actually see, and perhaps hold a koala, as at least one notable celebrity has done of recent, will be to go to Lone Pine Sanctuary, because you will not see them in here in their natural habitat anymore unless drastic measures are undertaken.
    Having lived in Victoria Point for 5 years, we thought ourselves so lucky to have a koala across the road in the Wildlife Eco Area for about 3 days, about 3+ years ago now. All the neighbourhood was ecstatic. There has been no sighting since and sadly probably never will be again.
    Right now a massive amount of damage is being done that cannot be reversed. So now is the time for the new council to take the lead and preserve what little we have left. Respect that which makes the Redlands a city to be proud of; our unique environment, our very special lifestyle, and our wonderful wildlife that still struggles to survive the onslaught of poor planning and development for the sake of the Holy Dollar.
    Our Redland City crest still incorporates a koala motif – rather a sick joke in light of this report!! Or maybe it should be retained to honour a unique Australian species that will soon pass into memory?

  4. The reason why we have government, is for the greater good of long term community interest. Governments are supposed to curb and control short term self interests that will harm public good. Clearly failing in the Redlands?

  5. Around Redlands shops I see boxes saying the buck stops here and sponsered by Redlands Council, Andrew laming etc.
    I dont know if anyone knows but this years Christmas Carols are normally run by a Redland based Business. Apparently the tender has going to a Toowoomba Business. The Redlands Business has been running it for the least few years, so I ask Council why the buck doesnt stop there. It is also believed that the tender was written such that the local outfit could not compete

  6. Great news! In the Sept 26 edition of the Bayside Bulletin I just read in the letters page that Mayor Williams is the great saviour of Redlands….all in her own words.

  7. As a nearby resident I welcome this proposed development. This is what will make Cleveland shine. In my family we wonder why we dont have a marina like this already, it seems ok for Manly, why not us. As for the displaced fish during construction, they will be back in greater numbers with all that new structure around. A place for us to do some land based fishing from is sorely needed, such as the proposed breakwater. There will be more sealife there in the future than at present. My children need jobs close to home, i have a son who loves all things boating, as do I. We go on holidays to other towns and walk their piers, wharves and harbours, as im sure others will do so in visiting Cleveland in the future. It seems to me that the protestors believe they have something to lose. not something to gain. Yes the reduction in size of the park is a concern, we walk through there, walk our dog, visit the shoreline, watch the NYE fireworks, but i guess we cant have everything. Take a look at the harbour development near the railway station, its a great place for all to visit, a lively hub for many. It certainly was not enjoyed by as many before the development took place, maybe except for the great christmas carol nights we had down there. This will impact on my lifestyle, i look forward to it.

  8. I have been exposed in the media as being a Toondah Harbour development advocate! However whether it goes ahead or not, it will not impact in any way on my lifestyle or on my neighbours or friends. With regards to Cleveland CBD, the evidence suggests from a commercial perspective that it will at best continue to stumble along or at worst deteriorate further and we will end up with a virtual ghost village. The status quo is not acceptable. Over 60% of the recent growth in Redlands City has occurred in the southern part of the city – the demographics show that this is reflected in the significant population of younger people within the southern area.
    Cleveland notwithstanding has its own population of youth, maybe not as concentrated as in the newer regions but this does not justify inaction. As our youth are our future they deserve better! Victoria Point is now the tangible barrier between the south and the north of our city – shopping, cinema, restaurants, boating and bay and island facilities are all available. This must have a negative impact on Cleveland. Why would anyone make the trip from Redland Bay or anywhere else if you were not going to North Stradbroke Island. Cleveland cannot offer anything that is not available elsewhere or on line – except for maybe the railway. Cleveland must re-invent itself. It must have a theme or a reason to be and a reason for people to care enough to come here. If Toondah Harbour causes so much concern to Redlands 2030 then let’s have some real visionary statements with a balanced risk/reward analysis done on lifestyle, commercial growth and a quality of life perspective with and without Toondah. As yet in all of your publications I have viewed I have not seen this evidence (comparing our political style to Chinese dictatorships is soundly absurd and irrational (video release of Architects interview) and it adds no value to your cause). Even if Toondah does nothing else but cause quality intellectual discussion resulting in a real development plan for Cleveland, based on a balanced a-emotional review of all criteria then it has served its purpose. If it does proceed and brings into the community new, exciting and progressive entrepreneurs then it will be the oxygen our community needs, even if that oxygen is simply the establishing a mix of goods and services providers capable of targeting and capitalising on the local demographics whilst incorporating a more international perspective. We need businesses who thrive on competition not ones that run away from it. As yet Redlands 2030 has not done enough to convince me Toondah Harbour is not a good, if not a very good idea. Ron Howick

    • Some fair and reasoned comments provide a balanced perspective

      But perhaps the onus of proof should be on those who have commissioned the supporting studies, advocated the development, arranged a massive PR/ marketing campaign and invested $100 000’s of ratepayers rates revenue in studies that leave a lot to be desired. Studies which were only release to the community AFTER submissions closed. Why the secrecy? How about a business plan or a benefit cost analysis? How is it the responsibility of Redlands2030 to convince anybody? All along we have be thwarted in accessing basic information.

      It is unfortunate that case for the PDA’s has been kept secret, while consultation processes are flawed, misleading and incomplete. All this then wrapped in undue rush to expedite under a cloak of secrecy.

  9. Dear All

    Just to keep you up to date on the destructive Barro Superquarry at Mt Cotton in Redland City.

    A story in the Bayside Bulletin April 28th this year about the Barro quarry was a complete fabrication as far as my community is concerned. It was meant to further the Company’s attempt to get the Newman government to give the Company our nature trail. A trail which we the people have owned since 1860. A possie of locals went there on the following Sunday and found the road in a clean condition and that the council had been keeping the road clean on a regular basis. We locals had on occasions cleaned up the road on Clean Up Australia Day.

    To my knowledge the Barro Group has never lifted a finger to keep the road tidy in last 22 years. They may have done some work when they took some 365,000 cubic meters of gravel from the area apparently without any authority. This is the same company that was apparently found guilty of theft, toxic dumping, unsafe work practices in which a man died. After that incident I understand the company was then fined a total of $1,412,158.

    This is a disgraceful injustice by the State Government. It is allowing this new Superquarry to destroy our beautiful Mt Cotton.

    Another concern is that the new koala protection legislation does not say it will protect koalas, what it does say, I quote, is “The Mount Cotton quarry extension must abide by the South East Queensland Koala Conservation State Planning Regulatory provisions and the Offsets for Net Gain of Koala Habitat in SEQ Policy”.

    So there is no protection for koalas it is only their habitat that is offset. As the Barro site has 29 koalas resident on their land what will happen to these koalas?

    Finally, I am concerned that as Barro is a company seems to snub its nose at the law and so it must be reminded of the agreement with the government regarding traffic article No 51 of the agreement i.e. no traffic to use Wuduru or Gramzow roads to be used at anytime.

    Why were trucks delivering pipes to the site on Friday (30/05/14), Monday (2/6/2014) and Tuesday (3/06/14)?

    Local residents want the the Company stop using the roads and abusing the Article No 51. We also want the Council and the State Government to act on and enforce this agreement .